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Activity balance during health, ill health and sickness

Course days, autumn 2022

3 October, 6 October, 25 October and 18 November, autumn 2022

Course leaders

 Elisabeth Argentzell
 Carita Håkansson


Carita Håkansson

Target group

The course is given as an elective postgraduate course for doctoral students and researchers at the Faculty of Medicine. The course is also aimed at other doctoral students admitted to Lund University. The target group is mainly doctoral students with an interest in understanding the connection between occupational balance and health, ill health, illness and societal factors. PhD students at Lund the Faculty od Medicine at Lund University will be prioritized, but the course is open for applicants from other research fields and Universities. Postdocs can also be admitted if there is room left.


The course is given in English, autumn 2022.


3 higher education credits

Number of participants



To deepen the understanding of the importance of occupational balance in health, ill health and acute and chronic illness based on research and societal aspects.


After completing the course, the course participant will be able to:

Analyze and contrast key concepts for occupational balance and generate a conceptual framework for their research.

Analyze how the concept of occupational balance has developed in health science research and argue for opportunities and obstacles for and effects on occupational balance at individual, group and societal level.

Scientifically review and constructively criticize another's research task with a focus on occupational balance and apply scientific feedback to one's own work.

Reflect on research ethics considerations relevant to research on occupational balance.


The course is given as a quarter-distance course and is carried out in the form of lectures, seminars, group work, report writing and self-study. The course requires participation in scheduled learning activities.


The examination will consist of an individual written and oral assignment in a group where the respondent and opponent role are used.


Relevant scientific articles.


Application for the course is no open.

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