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Please note! We are planning for giving some course weeks digitally and some in a classroom autumn 2021, if the Covid-19 restrictions are removed. We will update each course web page continously with more information and we may need to switch format if the situation changes. If you have questions regarding this, please ask us:

Current courses:

Previous courses:

Previous courses, not given recently:

  • Applied statistics III - Causal inference with propensity scores and Mendelian randomization
  • Epidemiology I - Introduction to epidemiology in cancer research
  • Epidemiology for clinical and health sciences research
  • Forskningsdesign för kvantitativa studier
  • Global Occupational Health
  • Introduction to Register-based research Part 1
  • Introduction to register-based research
  • Komplexa interventioner inom pediatrisk hälso- och sjukvård
  • PhD courses in Entrepreneurship
  • Research innovation and value creation in research, former Research Innovation and value creation in the life science area

Other elective courses given at other Faculties within LU that may be of interest:

You can also find more elective courses at other universities in Sweden and abroad.
For PhD-courses within the NORDEK network, please see link below:

If you have a suggestion of a course that you think we should arrange, please let us know at:

Other elective courses within LU:

You can also find elective courses on a PhD level at other universities in Sweden, or in other parts of the world.

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