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Theory and Practice of Scientific Communication

Course weeks spring 2023

Week 9 - in English

Week 13 - in English

Course weeks autumn 2022

Week 36 - in English
Week 49 - in English 

 The courses autumn 2022 are planned to be given in a classroom, but the format can be changed. If so, the information will be published here and in the welcome letter for the course

Note - Compulsory attendance all days

Course organizer 

Aprile Clark,
Matthias Bank,


Urban Gullberg

Target group 

PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine, early in their Phd studies.



Length of course 

The course equals one full week (approx. 40 hours). The course requires attendance and active participation in all parts, as well as completing assigned tasks .


The course aims to enable the participants to develop an understanding of the different stages of the process of scientific communication

Number of participants


Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the third-cycle students shall be able to

  •  explain the process of research publication including examples from their own research area and different publication models
  •  develop a search strategy for their own research in relevant databases and reflect on this strategy
  •  formulate their own research in writing in a clear and accessible way for a target group in a popular science forum
  •  formulate their own research in writing in a scientific forum
  •  provide constructive oral peer review of scientific and popular science texts
  •  apply different functions/tools for evaluation of research quality, identify strengths and weaknesses and discuss these

Procedure and forms of instruction 

The course consists of lectures, group work, demonstrations of and practical exercises in information management, group discussions, presentations. Attendance is compulsory for all components.


The assessment is based on active participation on all the components of the course and a number of assignments:

  •  Written assignment on the publication process
  •  Written assignment on their own research for the general public
  •  Written assignment on their own research for researchers
  •  Providing and receiving constructive feedback on texts with a fellow student
  •  Written assignment on search strategies for information related to their own projects

Required reading

Recommended reading is listed in the LibGuide of the course.


Application form

The application period for compulsory courses spring 2023 is 7 June 2022 until 11 September 2022. You can also still apply for autumn courses 2022 if there are spots left or if we have a shorter waiting list for the course.  We will admit continously to vacancies autumn 2022.

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