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Research Ethics

Course organizer
Mats Johansson,
Course leaders
Kristina Hug, 
Linus Broström,

Linus Broström,

Target group
Doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine.

This course will be given digitally spring 2021. 


Autumn 2021
1,5 credits course: (admitted to phd studies before 2020-12-31)
Week 35 (in English)
Week 36 (in English)

3 credits course: (admitted to Phd studies from 2021-01-01)
Week 41-42 (in English)

Spring 2021
Week 2 -  in Swedish (digital course)
Week 4  - in Swedish  (digital course)
Week 16 - in English  (digital course)
Week 18 - in English  (digital course)
Week 20 - in English (digital course)
Week 21 - in English (digital course)
Week 22 - in English (digital course)

Please note - Compulsory attendance all day!

Number of participants

Codes, rules, and principles in different parts of research ethics, including an introduction to The Act concerning the Ethical Review of Research Involving Humans. Ethical considerations on research on human beings. Scientific misconduct, publication ethics, and researchers’ relation to society.

Teaching forms 
Lectures, discussions and teamwork.

Active participation in discussions and teamwork.

Will be handed out at the start of the course or with the welcome letter.


Application form 

Last day for application for compulsory courses autumn 2021 is March 18.

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