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Laboratory animal science for researchers

Course leader
Lena Uller, Docent, Respiratorisk Immunofarmakologi, Institutionen för experimentell medicinsk vetenskap, Lund

Lena Uller

Target Group
This is a compulsory course for doctoral students at Lunds University who aim to work with animals. You will register specifically for the species you aim to work with. No previous qualifications required. The course is equivalent to a FELASA B level but not yet formally certified by Felasa.
3 University credits for the full course, 2 credits when the practical part is not completed.

Time & Place 
This is a web-based education using Ping Pong, a national server. You work on your own time at your own computer.

Content of the course
  The course is in English and contains 15 modules
•  Module 1: Ethics and Animal Use
•  Module 2: Swedish Legislation
•  Module 3: Animal Records
•  Module 4: Identification Methods
•  Module 5: Humane Endpoints
•  Self-assessments Legislation, Animal Records, ID & Humane Endpoints
•  Module 6: Biology
•  Module 7: Ethology
•  Module 8: Husbandry
•  Module 9: Animal Care and Supervision
•  Self-assessments Husbandry, Animal Care and Supervision
•  Module 10: Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Euthanasia
•  Module 11: Diseases in Laboratory Animals
•  Module 12: Animal Experimental Methodology
•  Module 13: Genetically Modified Organisms
•  Module 14: Alternative Methods
•  Module 15: Safety in Biomedical Facilities

To complete the course
Estimated time to complete the course is 40 h. The different modules will be examined continuously with self-assessments. Upon completing the theoretical part, there is a practical part which extent depends on your planned upcoming practical activities. Upon this you will receive a certificate valid for operate with animals.

Course literature
All literature is available on Ping Pong with additional links to Internet sites, which contain further information.

If you have questions about the course, please contact; 

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