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Applied statistics II – Biomedicine and Laboratory medicine

Course leader
Aleksandra Turkiewicz,, PhD Statistician, Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Orthopaedics, Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Lund University
Karin Källen (course called "B" autumn 2020)

Jonas Björk

Target group
PhD-students at the medical faculty with a research project within biomedicine or laboratory medicine. Passed course in applied statistics I is required together with basic knowledge in the statistical package used in the same course.


Autumn 2021
Weeks 48-49

Spring 2021
Weeks16-17, full-time studies - in English Please note: Our goal is to give the course spring 2021 i a classroom if we have access to classrooms big enough due to the Covid restrictions. If not, the course will run digitally instead. More information will come as soon as we have it.

Autumn 2020
Weeks 41-42, full-time studies - in English Please Note: There are two different courses running parallell these weeks. This course will run semi-digitall, meaning the first day will be at BMC in Lund and the rest of the course will be digital.

Note - Compulsory attendance all day

3 hp

Lecture rooms and/or Zoom.

Content of the course
The course includes four themes:

1) Non-parametric testing for the comparison of two or more groups

 • Mann-Whitney test
 • Wilcoxon Signed Rank test
 • Kruskal-Wallis test

 2) Introduction to regression and analysis of variance

 • Simple linear regression
 • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
 • Relation between t-tests, linear regression and ANOVA
 • Multiple testing and its consequences

 3) Issues in design of experiments

 • Dependent and independent observations
 • Randomization and blinding
 • Statistical testing, power and confidence intervals
 • Reporting of study design and statistical analyses in basic science papers

 4) Reliability analyses

 • Correlation versus agreement
 • Limits of agreement
 • Cohen's kappa for categorical data

 This advanced course in applied statistics, specialising in biomedicine and laboratory medicine, provides the participant with an introduction to the necessary tools for designing and analysing experimental data in biomedicine and laboratory medicine. The course starts with non-parametric testing for group comparisons. The course also provides students with an introduction to regression and analysis of variance, as well as issues in design of experiments. Finally, the course addresses different types of reliability analyses..

The course will be held in English and requires active participation and access to laptop with installed statistical package that you are familiar with from earlier courses (SPSS, STATA or R). More information will be provided before the course. 


Application form 

Last day for application for compulsory courses autumn 2021, is March 18.


Course coordinator:

Jonas Björk
Email: and

Helena Jernström

Please contact Jonas or Helena if you have any general questions regarding the PhD-Courses in Statistics.
This also applies to any requests regarding credit transfer.

Please contact the course leaders if questions about schedule issues, in the event of absence and other things that are directly related to the course.

If questions about available course spots, please contact

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