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Applied Qualitative Methodology I

Course weeks spring 2023

Week 11

Course weeks autumn 2022

Week 41
Week 45
Week 49 - cancelled, due to too few applicants.

The courses are planned to be given live in a classroom, but the format can be changed. If so, the information on this page will be updated and infomation will also go out in the welcome letter for the course.


Maria Emmelin,

Target group 

PhD students at the Faculty of Medicine



The course is compulsory for PhD students admitted to PhD studies between 2017-07-01 and 2021-06-30.

If you are admitted to Phd studies from 2017-07-01 and have completed the course Laboratory Animal science for researchers, you do not need to take this course, accoring to a desicion made by the research board (FUN). Please send your course certificate of the Animal science for researchers to: for registration of the credits in Ladok.


1,5 credits


The aim of the course is to provide the participants with basic knowledge of qualitative methodology and the quality criteria employed to review research based on qualitative methodology. 

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the third-cycle students shall be able to

  • explain the use of different types of qualitative methodology from a research perspective
  • independently formulate a research issue requiring qualitative methodology
  • critically review a research text based on a qualitative research design
  • discuss the ethical and societal aspects of qualitative research

Course content

  • The theory of science foundations of qualitative research methodology
  • Design, data collection and analysis methods related to qualitative research methodology
  • Credibility, reliability and transferability of qualitative research results
  • Ethical and societal perspectives on qualitative research

Course design

The course consists of three days of teaching, divided into two days of lectures and one day of group discussions of research articles. Two days are set aside for individual work on the take-home exam.

Take-home exam (1.5 credits)

Other forms of assessment may be used, if there are special grounds. 


The grades awarded are Pass or Fail.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the course, the student must be admitted to research studies at the Faculty of Medicine.


 Application form 

The application period for compulsory courses spring 2023 is 7 June 2022 until 11 September 2022. You can also still apply for autumn courses 2022 if there are spots left or if we have a shorter waiting list for the course.  We will admit continously to vacancies autumn 2022.

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