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Compulsory courses

If you are admitted to PhD studies 2021-07-01 or later, you should apply for the courses separately. Your courses, except for Generic knowledge and skills (12 hp) and one elective course (1,5 hp), will be included in Research school in Medical science
13,5 hp that is compulsory for you. You will be contacted after admission and put on the next available spot for it.

If you have questions reagring the courses or research school, please contact

Please note: You have to have completed the Introductory course to be admitted to other compulsory courses.

Please note that is also is compulsory to finish one elective course 1,5 credits.

If a PhD student does not attend a course, without communicating it to the PhD coordinator in advance, the supervisor will need to pay the course fee, 5000 SEK. It is therefore very important to let us know as soon as possible if you will not attend a course you have been admitted to. If you cannot attend a course, please send us an e-mail on:

Please note that you always have to apply for the courses every semester, since we do not transfer applications between semesters!

Regarding courses in Applied statistics II: You only choose one of the courses!

Overview compulsory courses, spring 2023:

Introduction to PhD studies: The course is given digitally, on demand in the learning platform Canvas and is to be taken within the first months of your PhD studies (if you do not have access to the course, please contact,

Scientific communication: w. 9, w.13
Applied statistics I: v. 12
Applied statistics II, clinical research: w. 16-17, and probably some spots w. 11-12 
Applied statistics II, biomedicine and laboratory medicine: w. 16-17
Applied statistics II, epidemiology and health science: some spots w. 5-6, w.16-17
Research ethics 1,5 hp  (if admitted to PhD studies 2020-12-31 or before): v.4 Please note that this is the last time that this course will be given.
Research ethics 3 hp (if admitted to Phd studies between 2021-01-01 and 2021-06-30): v. 6-7
Oral communication: w. 5, v. 22
Applied qualitative methodology I: w. 11
Knowledge in collaboration: w. 12, w. 13

Overview compulsory courses, autumn 2022: (Applies to PhD students admitted to PhD studies 2021-06-30 or before)

Introductory course: The course is given digitally and on demand as soon as you are admitted to PhD studies.
Scientific communication:  w. 36, w. 49
Applied statistics I: w 42
Applied statistics II, Clinical research, w. 46-47, w. 48-49 (two weeks long)
Applied statistics II, Biomedicine/Laboratory medicine: w. 35-36 (two weeks long)
Applied statistics II, Epidemiology/Health science: Not given autumn 2022, but given weeks 5-6 spring 2023. (two weeks long)
Research ethics, 1,5 credits (if admitted to PhD studies 2020-12-31 or before): w. 37, w. 47
Research ethics, 3 credits (if admitted to Phd studies between 2021-01-01 and 2021-06-30): w. 35-36
Oral communication: w. 37, w. 39, w. 49
Applied qualitative Methodology I: w. 41, 45, 49
Knowledge in collaboration: w. 41, w. 50

Please write in your application how you prefer to prioritize your course weeks, if there is more than one course week for the course. The application period is January 25 - February 28, 2022. 

How to apply


The application period for compulsory courses spring 2023 is 7 June 2022 until 11 September 2022. You can also still apply for autumn courses 2022 if there are spots left or if we have a shorter waiting list for the course.  We will admit continously to vacancies autumn 2022.

Please note! To get a spot for the compulsory courses at the Faculty, an established individual study plan is required (if older than 12 months you need to update it), approved by the PhD student, the supervisor and the Deputy Head of Department in charge for PhD studies. Read more:

You also have to have finished, or are admitted to the Introductory course.

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