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Postgraduate Studies Office

The Postgraduate Studies Office, which is part of the Faculty Office, handles the administrative part of postgraduate studies and executes the decisions taken in the Research Studies Board. The Office administers admissions, courses, thesis defences, travel grants, doctoral studentships, summer stipends, etc. The Office is also responsible for information, the website, consultation responses, financial reviews and issues concerning postgraduate studies.

emma roybon

Emma Roybon

Head of Research Administration
046-222 72 18

Overall administrative responsibility for the faculty's PhD programme.

anette saltin

Anette Saltin

Research Education Coordinator
046-222 49 26

Admissions to research studies, travel grants for research students, student funding, thesis defences. Secretary to the Research Studies Board. 

anette aakerberg

Research Education Coordinator

PhD courses and clinical graduate school

anna beran

Anna Beran

International Coordinator 
046-222 14 98

Coordinator for international issues related to the PhD programme. 

Research Studies Board

heiko herwald

Heiko Herwald

Professor, Vice Dean
Chair, Research Studies Board                                                                                                    
046-222 41 82

Working group for theses quality assessment

Heiko Herwald, Professor, Vice Dean 
Inger Hallström, Professor
Sophia Zackrisson, Senior lecturer
Frida Petersson, PhD student representative
Selvi Celik, PhD student representative

Working group for quality assessment system

Gudrun Edgren, Professor 
Heiko Herwald, Professor, Vice Dean
Gerd Ahlström, Professor
Karin Jirström, Professor
Christina Gummesson, Director, The Faculty of Medicine Centre for Teaching and Learning
Emma Roybon, Head of Research administration
Anette Saltin, Research Studies Coordinator
Selvi Celik, PhD student representative

Working group for courses at postgraduate level

Gudrun Edgren, Professor
Tomas Deierborg, Senior lecturer
Selvi Celik, PhD student representative
Anette Åkerberg, Research Education Coordinator

Working group for internationalisation

Heiko Herwald, Professor, Vice Dean
Bengt-Olof Nilsson, Professor, Deputy Head of Department
Inger Hallström, Professor 
Anja Meissner, Associate Senior Lecturer
Lars Hagander, Associate Professor
Anna Beran, International Coordinator
Elisabeth Axell, International Director
Emma Roybon, Head of Research Administration
Anette Saltin, Research Education Coordinator
Shelby Shrigley , PhD student representative

Departmental organisation for Postgraduate Studies

At each department, there is an Assistant Head of Department for third cycle studies.


Assistant Head of Department


Dept of Experimental Medical Sciences

Bengt-Olof Nilsson
046-222 77 67 

Jens Nilsson
046-222 77 88

Dept of Health Sciences

Gerd Ahlström
046-222 19 16

Magnus Persson
046-222 19 85

Dept of Clinical Sciences, Lund

Karin Jirström
046-222 08 29

Annika Törling-Ring
046-17 30 69 or 046-17 31 28

Dept of Clinical Sciences, Malmö

Lena Eliasson
040-39 11 53

Kerstin Troein
040-39 14 00

Dept of Laboratory Medicine, Lund

Johan Flygare
046-222 06 87 

Andrea Nord
Tel: 046-222 15 16 

Dept of Translational Medicine

Yvonne Giwercman
040-33 11 03

Elin Gudmundson 
040-39 11 54 

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