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Apply for a Teaching Sabbatical via STINT

STINT’s Teaching Sabbatical programme aims to develop both individuals and institutions. By giving Swedish researchers and university lecturers, who are passionate about education, international experiences relevant to their teaching role rather than their research one, STINT wants to contribute to educational renewal and the creation of new networks. Great emphasis is put on the added value of the stay abroad, which is why STINT encourages candidates to search for new international experiences.
 Participating lecturers will reside at the foreign institution of higher education for the autumn semester (August to December). The intention is for them to teach, either by giving a course themselves or in partnership with a colleague at the host institution. STINT is collaborating with selected universities and colleges based in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. They represent a diversity of institutions committed to high quality education in their respective regions around the world.

More information: STINT Teaching Sabbatical 

Application, evaluation criteria and internal nomination process at LU

The University may nominate up to three candidates for the STINT Teaching Sabbatical. Nominees must hold a doctorate degree, be employed by and well established in Lund University's activities. The Faculties and USV will be given the opportunity to nominate two candidates each. The Undergraduate Education Board at the Faculty of Medicine will nominate these 2 candidates. Incoming nominations are prepared by an assessment group appointed by the Education Board at Lund University. Decisions on which candidates the university will nominate for the program is decided by the Education Board. The Education Board will apply the following evaluation criteria

The applicant's motivation must contain a well-founded educational reasoning about what one wishes to achieve with the exchange. It should also be noted:

  • How the exchange will contribute to your own skills and learning
  • How the experience of the exchange should lead to the development of your own organization's educational activities.
  • How the exchange is relevant to, and anchored in, your own organization.

The next application period will be in Spring 2020.

Erasmus+ Staff Training

Through funding from the EU programme Erasmus+, all employees have the opportunity to visit one of Lund University’s many partner universities in Europe to gain international experience and qualifications, and to develop existing contacts.
All employees can receive funding for job shadowing, study visits, or for taking courses, seminars or workshops of particular relevance to your work (minimum 2 days).

More information is available on the LU Staff Pages: 
Erasmus+ Staff training

Erasmus+ Travel grants

Teaching and administrative staff and researchers working to promote collaboration between European universities within Erasmus+ can apply for travel grants. The purpose of the trip shall be to discuss, plan, advance and evaluate student and teaching mobility, and to participate in already established collaborative partner university projects, such as curriculum development. You can also receive travel grants to participate in networking events.
Travel with the purpose to increase the number of Erasmus students, and advancing curriculum development projects are given priority in the selection process. Applicants who have not before received Erasmus+ travel grants are prioritised and an equal allocation among faculties is desirable.
More information is available on the LU Staff Pages

Erasmus+ Travel grants within Europe

More information

For more information on funding opportunities for professional development abroad, see Mobility funding for staff

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