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Change of web editing tool

The Faculty of Medicine will during 2019 complete the transition of its external web environment from the web editing tool eZ Publish to the Lund University common web solution Drupal. The staff pages Intramed will continously use eZ Publish.

More information about current changes on the Faculty's websites

Training & courses

Since eZ Publish will be phased out we do not provide courses anymore. If you are in need of assistance, please contact our webmaster.

If you want to sign up for a Drupal course, please visit the Drupal-lathunden (available in Swedish only)


Web registration Drupal course (website for the Drupal-lathunden)

The Faculty's websites

The Faculty's website must follow international and national guidelines for publishing content on the internet. As a government body we have an even bigger responsibility to produce web content that is accessible to as many people as possible.

If you have questions contact the website administrator. In case of comprehensive questions,  please contact the Faculty's web unit.

The web unit:

How to start a website

Are you a researcher at the Faculty? Then the Lund University research portal LUCRIS is the main option for the presentation of  your research.

If you have specific needs and/or target groups to which LUCRIS is not relevant, starting a website in the Lund University web solution Drupal can be an option.

Then you submit an application which must be approved by your head of department and the Faculty's head of communications. First of all you contact the communications officer at your department or the web unit at the Faculty.

You can read more about the framework for the Faculty's web presence in "Policy and procedures regarding the web presence at the Faculty of Medicine".

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