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The Faculty's web presence

The Communications Section can help you set up a website within the existing structure, that adheres to the university's visual identity and web regulations.

The faculty's website follows international and national guidelines for publishing content on the internet. As a government body we have an even bigger responsibilty to produce web content that is accessible to as many people as possible.

The faculty's website is updated using the publishing tool eZPublish.

Publishing content on

In order to publish information on the faculty's website you must first attend a training course run by the Communications Section. The course is split into two parts - one teaches you to use the eZPublish tool, while the other is more content focused and includes information about web regulations, and how to write and structure web content effectively.

Templates, system access and support

Once you have completed both training courses you will get access and log in details to eZ Publish. A member of the communications team will happily meet with you to talk through structure and content. We will also provide you with templates for your web pages and ongoing support.

Editorial work on the web

In order to keep our website current and up to date it is important that whoever owns specific information also has ownership of the web pages where that information is found. For this reason we have set up a web editorial team consisting of a large number of content providers and page owners in the wider organisation.

Everyone who works with pages on belongs to an editorial group or network, making it easier to share experiences and maintain a professional web presence.

Benefits of using the faculty's publishing tool and templates

  • The website is our main channel for communicating with the outside world, and it is extremely important that we make a positive and professional impression online. If we all use Lund University's common templates then we are helping to create a better experience for the user (or visitor). Similar layouts and structures makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for.
  • All pages share the same domain (, which is also used for our email addresses as well as in all of our marketing materials and advertisments. Pages that are part of the structure also appear in the search results of the faculty's search engine.
  • The publishing tool (eZ Publish) makes it easy for you to update your pages.
  • The faculty's web developers and IT engineers manage everything to do with servers, security and updating to new versions of the publishing tool.
  • You will receive training in how to use the publishing tool and receive ongoing support from the web master and web editors.
  • You will belong to an editorial network where you benefit and learn from the experience of others.

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