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Post at CRC

The Lund University postal service manages all internal post and Post Nord manages external mail.

The CRC Service maintenance office is responsible for the collection of outgoing post and delivery of incoming post within CRC and the Wallenberg laboratory.

Contact information:

CRC Service maintenance office, building 90, level 09,

telephone: 040-391030

Internal post 

Internal post is distributed between all Lund University departments and units in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg, as well as the health care units in Skåne and Malmö.

Internal post can also be sent to local authority offices in Malmö via the mail stop at SUS.

Internal post should be sent in brown internal post envelopes. Internal post sent in normal envelopes must be clearly marked “INTERNAL POST”( INTERNPOST).

Packages must be well wrapped.

External post 

All external post leaving CRC is franked by Post Nord.

All post is sent first class (A-post), which means that it should be received the next day.

Registered letters and insured items 

Registered letters and valuable items can be sent in the following ways:

Registered letters: the recipient has to sign for the letter. Mark the envelop "Rekommenderat"

Insured items: the contents are insured up to a certain value. The envelop is to be marked Assurerat, and the insurance value given (e.g. 50,000 SEK).

Express delivery: the recipient will receive the letter by special delivery by 9 a.m. on weekdays and by 12 noon on Saturdays (with the exception of certain geographical locations). Mark the envelop Expressbrev. Express deliveries intended for delivery on Saturdays must also be marked Lördagsutdelning.

Post boxes in the mail-rooms 

Each mail-room has 3 mail boxes/pigeon holes: white, blue and black.

  • White boxes are for outgoing post within the CRC and Wallenberg laboratory.
  • Blue boxes are for all other outgoing post, both internal and external.
  • Black boxes are for incoming post.


Post managed by Post Nord is delivered weekdays at 08:30. Incoming post managed by Lund University postal service is delivered at 13:30 and outgoing internal post is collected at the same time.

Incoming post is delivered and outgoing post is collected by CRC service 09:00 – 10:00 weekdays. Outgoing post must be in the mailbox no later than 09:00.

Parcels is delivered by Post Nord during weekdays, and is collected if the order is complete before 14:00.


Last minute post boxes

  • Within CRC
    A white last minute post box is placed outside CRC service maintenance office, building 90 floor 09
  • Malmö hospital area
    A last minute post box is placed outside Surgery, Carl Bertil Laurells gata 9, accespoint B, next to Pressbyrån. Empties at 15:50 weekdays
  • Post Nord post boxes
    The closest post boxes are at Pressbyrån, Jan Waldenströms gata 18, and outside the orthopedic clinic. Empties at 18:00 weekdays and 14:00 weekends.
    You can find a last minute mail box at Borrgatan 55. Empties at 22:00 weekdays and 20:00 weekends.

Distribution of post on working days between a holiday and the weekend (klämdag )

Post is distributed by the CRC service the next work day.

Cooled and frozen deliveries 

Cooled and frozen items are delivered to the recipient by courier services.

Other cooled and frozen items are delivered to the CRC reception. The recipient is then informed by telephone and collect the item at reception desk. If the recipient cannot be contacted, the package will be stored in the cold-storage room on level 10, and the recipient will be informed by e-mail.

If the name of the recipient, the address or contact person is unclear and the recipient therefore cannot be identified, the package will be stored in the cold-storage room on level 10.

In such cases, CRC service cannot take any responsibility for the parcel.


  • Incoming parcels 
    Incoming parcels are distributed by CRC service once a day.
  • Outgoing parcels 
    Parcels to be sent via the post office are to be left in CRC service maintenance office no later than 14:00.
  • Parcels to be sent via couriers are also to be left in reception. The sender must contact the courier who will come and collect the parcel from reception.

Lund University has an agreement with Post Nord regarding parcel service, including collection, documentation and franking.

Correct address 

In order for the postal system to function efficiently, it is important to use the correct address.

Visiting address and address for deliveries CRC

Lund University
Research group name
Clinical Research Centre
Jan Waldenströms gata 35
214 28 Malmö

Visiting address and address for deliveries Wallenberg laboratory

Lund University
Wallenberg laboratory
Clinical Research Centre
Inga-Marie Nilssons gata 53
214 28 Malmö

Address for letters and parcels

Lund University
Research group name
Clinical Research Centre
Box 50332
202 13 Malmö

External deliveries – large deliveries (pallets) 

Large deliveries must fit on a EUR pallet (1200 * 800 mm) and must not be over 2000 mm in height. Contact CRC service maintenance office if you want to receive deliveries larger than this.
Lund University
Building …. Floor ……Room
Jan Waldenströms gata 36
214 28 Malmö, UMAS
205 02 Malmö

Internal post address 

Unit/Research group
Hs 36

Contact CRC service

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