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Common resources for researchers at BMC

As a researcher at BMC you have access to common infrastructure and resources.

Resources at the premises

  • chemical storage room
  • storage room
  • cold storage room
  • high speed centrifuge
  • ice machine

For the centrifuges, you need education to get access, please contact the responsible person.

You will also have access to a freezer room (including temperature logging system which you can connect to) with ultra-low temperature freeze (-150ºC), low temperature freeze (-80ºC) and back up freeze (-80ºC).

Resources on each floor

On each floor you have access to:

  • noice equipment room
  • room for autoclaves
  • storage room
  • cell laboratory room with Laminar Air Flow Cabinets

There is also containers for nitrogen for storage and transportation, incubators and water purification system Milli-Q.

Resources at the laboratory

Every lab at BMC is furnished with:

  • fume hood and/or ventilated bench
  • shelves, drawer units, cupboards
  • chemical cabinets, laboratory refrigerator and laboratory freezer
  • lamps for the laboratory and lab chairs

Common resources

As a researcher you also have the possibility to use beta counters, gamma counters, freeze dryer, developing machine, confocal microscope, ultra-centrifuge and a marking room at BMC. For some of these common resources you need education to get access.

Own equipment

You can of course purchase your own specific equipment for your laboratory, but please do this in consultation with BMC Service so that you can customize the laboratory from the beginning for the equipment.

Help and questions

If you need help you can always contact BMC Service who are also responsible for BMC Conference, BMC Laboratory dish, BMC Reception and BMC Workshop via our Servie Portal.

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