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Software installation & licensing

Software installation

Do you need help to install software on your computer? Contact Med IT, the faculty Library and ICT unit, at: Please, let us know if you are using Windows or Mac OS.

On-site service is available at BMC, HSC, MV, CRC and the Wallenberg Laboratory. If you work in another location, for example a hospital clinic, bring your computer to one of our workshops. Contact us to book an appointment before you visit our workshops as we are not always there!

Software license management

 Licenses are managed by Med IT or an appointed person in your research unit or group.

Med IT manages software licenses for a large part of the faculty's research groups. Otherwise the unit itself must appoint and register a person with LDC as a so called license manager (In Swedish: programansvarig). This person can register licenses with LDC, manage license codes and download software from LDC. The license manager is responsible for complying with license agreements and procurement law ("Lagen om offentlig upphandling”).

For license managers

Most software needs a license for legal installation and use, which entails a cost. The central unit for IT services at Lund University, LDC, has many favorable agreements with software vendors. You can read in Swedish more about what it means to be a license manager and how to register a person for this:

Software that is not covered by a LDC agreement shall if possible be purchased from university contracted vendors. Information about vendors and existing agreements:

Software for work and home computers covered by the campus agreement

Some software, such as Microsoft Office and EndNote are included in campus license agreements that allows installation on both work and private computers without purchasing individual licenses. 


The SPSS license is not a campus license but financed by the Faculty of Medicine. Contact if you need SPSS. Please, let us know if you are using Windows or Mac OS.

Region Skåne computers

Software purchased for use at Lund University may not be installed on Region Skåne computers.

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