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Purchasing computers and IT accessories

Order computers, screens and IT accessories by Med IT Web shop

You can order computers, screens, and IT accessories on Med IT´s specially designed order page / web shop. We provide you with an easy interface and effective delivery service. You are welcome to consult us before ordering – we have long experience working with IT supplies for faculty and staff. Login with your Lucat. Purchased computers will be delivered with the university-wide, modern, secure and user-friendly client platform PC.LU.SE based on Windows 10 or  MAC.LU.SE based on macOS.

Med IT Web shop and order page at (In Swedish) 

Read more about PC.LU.SE at
Read more about MAC.LU.SE at

If you want to purchase products not available on our web page, you need to place your order via Lupin, the Lund University purchasing portal.

Login - Lupin (with Lucat)

Several products available for fast delivery by Med IT

Currently, we experience much longer delivery time for computers, screens, and accessories than normal, due to many factors. However, there are several computer models, screens, and accessories directly available for purchase and fast delivery via Med IT.

At our order page, you quickly find the products that are directly available for purchase, and how many we currently have at BMC/MV, HSC and CRC respectively. Please note that you need to specify delivery location: we do not send purchased products from and to the different faculty sites. Login with your Lucat.

Med IT Web shop and order page at (In Swedish)

Office computers older than five years

Old computers are costly to repair, and it is less cost-effective and time-consuming to purchase a new one. We recommend therefore that computers older than five years are replaced if they are damaged or have low capacity and performance. This does not apply to lab computers.


We give you purchasing advice and consultation

Contact us at Med IT if you have any questions regarding purchasing computers and IT accessories. We happy to assist and give advice for standard products found on the orders page.

Exchanges, returns, or complaints of computers

Med IT does not manage purchases, exchanges, returns or complaints of computers that are not included on the orders page. Computers and accessories ordered via Lupin are not eligible for support.

Rules for procurement and purchasing

Purchase of the goods and services needed to manage the business of Lund University shall be performed in a legally, commercial and efficient way. Read more at Lund University Staff pages.

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