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Purchase computers and accessories

Order computer, software or accessories

Purchasing advice for technical equipment

Med IT can offer purchasing advice for standard products found on the orders page.

We can also help you with purchasing advice to the best of our ability for products not included on the orders page. Those products are ordered by the user in Lupin.
 Computers and accessories ordered via
  - the orders page are eligible for support
  - Lupin on your own are eligible for support to the best of our ability

Med IT does not manage purchases, exchanges, returns or complaints of computers, accessories, printers, cell phones, tablets or consumable material that are not included on the orders page.

Please consult Med IT before a purchase. To book an appointment for purchasing advice, go to the orders page (in Swedish) and click ”inköpsråd” in the top menu.

Old computers are costly to repair and are more time-consuming for all.
 We recommend that computers are replaced if they are older than five years and are broken or have low capacity and performance.

Rules for procurement and purchasing

Lund University rules for procurement and purchasing must be followed:

Telephone subscriptions

To order phone subscriptions for landlines or cell phones, Contact LDC:

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