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Installation instructions LUPrint for Ubuntu/Linux

Instructions to install LUPrint

For the instructions to work properly, the logged in account must have the same name as your Lucat-id. Otherwise, printing will not work.

If you need to change your account name, create a new user and then transfer files from the previous home directory to the new one.

1. Go to System Settings → Printer → Press “And”.
On Select Device, unfold Network Printer, then click on LPD/LPR Host or Printer. 

2. On host, type:; On queue, type: canon → Click forward.

3. Choose "Select printer from the database", then "Generic" under "Makes" → Click forward.

4. Choose "PostScript" and Generic PostScript Printer Foomatic/PostScript [en]" as the driver. Other models / drivers also work, but we know from a test that this version works well. → Click forward.

5. As alias, use something related and easy to remember, such as LUPrint. → Click apply.

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