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Installation instructions LUPrint for Mac

Install LUPrint for Mac

To install the LUPrint printer you need to make an adjustment in System Preferences and install a driver.

Save your current work before you install the printer driver, because you need to end the installation by logging off the computer.

If you previously installed the MedPrint printer, you do not need to make new system settings but can install the new LUPrint driver.

LUPrint with macOS

For LUPrint to work properly in macOS you need to change your account name to your Lucat ID, using another administrator account on your computer.

Install on computer with other login than Lucat ID

If you use a computer with a login other than Lucat ID, you must use the so called LUPrint-popup to be able to print on the new copiers. You need administrator rights on the computer.

Install LUPrint-popup: Click the link LUPrint-popup below to install. Save the file and follow instructions. You must allow the installation to run.
 The computer will restart after installation, so save any open files you are working on.

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