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Print & photocopy

The printing system used at the Faculty of Medicine is called PaperCut. In this system, you only need to install one printer called LUPrint, but you can get your prints from any connected copier within the Faculty of Medicine. Prints remain in the system for 36 hours.

You need to have a Lucat account to use the connected copiers. If you don´t have one, contact you Lucat administrator or your manager.

Install LUPrint

To use the printing system PaperCut you need to install one printer, LUPrint, that will work with all printers connected to the system. You can install the printer yourself if you are on LU network. If you are on Region Skåne's network you will need some assistance.

If you have a computer without Lucat Login you need to use the solution called LUPrint-popup to be able to print at copiers within PaperCut.


To retrieve your printouts at the copier, log in with your Lucat on the display. You can identify yourself more quickly by connecting a card to your Lucat, such as LU Card, Faculty of Medicine keycard, or other non-contact cards. You make the connection on the copier: place your card on the card reader and log in with your Lucat. You will receive a confirmation that the card is connected and next time it will be enough to place the card on the reader at the copier. One card at a time may be associated with the print service.

When printing, you can choose to print only those you really need and cancel the rest to help save resources.

If you have trouble signing in to the copier, you may need to change your password. It may take up to 20 minutes for the new password to become active.

Print via e-mail

You can also send or forward an e-mail with attachments to print at any printer within PaperCut. Only the attachment will be printed, not the e-mail.

There are separate e-mail addresses depending on how you wish to print: paper size, single or double-sided, color or black/white.

More information at the PaperCut portal:

Billing prints and copies

Printouts are charged to the cost center primary specified in Lucat.

You can log in to PaperCut to manage printouts and also see statistics about your printouts and copying.

Copy and scan

  1.  Log in to the copier by placing your card on the card reader.
      Press the button "Använd kopiatorn" ( = Use copier).
  2. Select the appropriate function on the touch screen. 
  3. You can choose to either have the scanned document sent to you by e-mail, or to save the document on a thumb drive (only available on some copier models).
  4. Don't forget to log out.
  •  If you want to edit the subject field for the e-mail when you scan:
     Press "Alternativ" at the bottom right corner. Then press arrow down to get to the next page of alternatives. Select "Ämne/meddelande"  (=Subject/message) and write a subject and a message.
  • The e-mail can only be sent to your own e-mail address.

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