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Network & VPN

Wireless network at Lund University: Eduroam

Wireless network, Eduroam, is available for students and employees at several faculty buildings and LU campus in general.

The network Eduroam also gives employees and students at member organizations access to Internet when they visit other member universities.

Log in with Student account or Lucat ID followed by Example:

VPN portal for Lund University

With VPN you can reach services on LU network from computers outside LU network, for example Primula webb.
VPN is short for "virtual private network", and is a technique for creating a secure internet connection.

VPN support at the Faculty of Medicine

If you need a VPN client installed, contact Med IT:
046-222 90 00 (within Lund University 29000)

Wired network: LUNET

A wired connection is usually the most secure and stable option. All buildings and rooms within the Faculty of Medicine have sockets for computer networks where you can connect your computer.

For security reasons a connection is only allowed for computers included in Library & ICT's computer services, or computers purchased by the Faculty of Medicine.

To connect your computer to LUNET, please contact:
 046-222 90 00 (within Lund University: 29000)

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