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Seamless access to Lund University and Region Skåne services

For employees with office within Skåne University Hospital

Now it will finally become easier to have a double affiliation! Library & ICT can offer seamless access to the most important services at Region Skåne and the majority of Lund University services.

During many years there have been difficulties for employees with office within Skåne University Hospital but affiliated to Lund University to access the common workspaces of Region Skåne. A collaboration between Region Skåne, the Faculty of Medicine, and their network providers has resulted in a solution for LU employees who need to work in both environments simultaneously.

The solution is called LuZon (f.k.a. project RS13) and is a certificate to install on the employee’s LU computer.

The zone currently gives access to the following Region Skåne services:

  • Region Skåne e-mail
  • HR-fönster
  • E-Katalog
  • Intranet
  • Raindance
  • Skånekatalogen

Requirements for installation:

In order to acquire the service, the user and the computer must fill certain requirements.
 Before installation Med IT must verify the following:

  • The user must have both LUCAT-ID and RSID (to use RS services)
  • System requirements: Windows 10 or Mac OS (Mojave has been tested, older versions might work but are not guaranteed)
  • The computer must have updated antivirus protection
  • The computer must be LU owned and registered in the inventory
  • The computer must be checked and approved by Library & ICT

How can I get access to LuZon?

If you want to have LuZon installed on your computer, you are welcome to book an appointment with an IT technician from Library & ICT.
Appoint a representative from your group and send a notice of interest via
Please include ”LuZon” and ”Faculty of Medicine” in your e-mail subject field.

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