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Computer platform

What is PC.LU.SE?

PC.LU.SE is a modern, secure and user-friendly client platform, based on Windows 10. It is a university-wide solution.

The system runs on Windows computers (purchased in Lupin) through a connection to a central server that provides automatic updates, and a software center with many optional apps.


Software is installed through the portal Software Center, found in the Start menu.
All software in Microsoft Store are also available for installation on your PC.LU.SE computer.

Should you miss any software in the portal, you can send a request to


Work Folders are used to backup your documents and files, and give you access to them from multiple computers or mobile devices.
The Work Folders are: Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Movies.
A document saved in a Work Folder will be synchronized to a LU server, and if you are logged in to other computers or mobile devices, they will show up there shortly as well.


The computer searches for new updates each night. Updates are sent to the computer with a scheduled installation in four days. After the installation the computer will restart, after seven days at the latest. Update status can be found in Software Center under Updates.

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