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Access to LU recourses from Region Skånes network

VPN portal for Lund University

To access Lund University resources from Novell client (PC) or Mac, you must use a secure internet connection via a VPN portal. VPN is short for "virtual private network” and it is a technique for creating a secure internet connection. 

VPN is a technology that enables you to log in to the University’s computer network wherever you are in the world. You can thus gain access to the Lund University network despite using another operator.

The VPN gives you an IP-address belonging to Lund University. This means that you are considered to be directly connected to the network, which is required for certain services. Via VPN you can reach services on the Lund University (LU) network from your Region Skåne computer. NB: When using LU´s VPN portal, some Region Skåne functionality can be inactivated.

Installation of LU VPN client with administrator rights

You need to have administrator rights for your computer to install the VPN client. These rights can include such tasks as installing software and hardware drivers, changing system settings. When connecting via Region Skåne's network, VPN with FortiClient must be selected for access to LU resources.

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. Install the VPN client.
  3. Specify server address: and your Lucat id.

Connecting your device to VPN – guides on the LU ServiceDesk website LU Support

Installation of LU VPN client with no administrator rights

If you don’t have any administrator rights, contact Region Skåne to apply for administrator rights. For more information, contact Med IT via LU ServiceDesk:

Tools and resources accessible form your Region Skåne computer


  • Primula web
  • Salut
  • Kuben
  • LU Research Portal: LUCRIS
  • Raindance

Via LU Desktop

  • Ladok

Other tools, learning portals, and resources from Lund University Libraries

Mahara: Mahara at
Moodle: Moodle at
Labguru: Labguru at
Lund University Libraries website at
Lupin: Lupin at
Redcap: Redcap at
TimeEdit at
Apply for Time Edit user rights from Med IT via LU ServiceDesk:


Med IT via LU ServiceDesk:

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