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IT services and support

IT services and support at the Faculty of Medicine is delivered by Med IT

Welcome to contact us!

Phone: + 46 46 222 90 00

For quicker service:

  • Always give your Lucat id when contacting Med IT.
  • Please specify your problem and your possible attempt to solve it. 
  • Inform us if the problem only affects you, or your colleagues as well.
  • If you have a computer related problem, please state your computer name or IP address, and your workplace. In order for your IT ticket to come to the right IT technician, enter the house's abbreviation before the room number: BMC xxxxx, CRC xx-xx-xxx, HSC xxx or MV xxx-xxxx. If you do not have a room at the faculty's premises, please specify SUS for Region Skåne or EXT if you are located externally.

Visit us at our workshops

Please, contact us before you visit our workshops as we are not always there!

Download TeamViewer for remote support

To give you distance support, we need to have remote access to your computer. As usual, you send questions to, but for remote assistance, you also need to  download TeamViewer.

Download TeamViewer for PC and Mac for remote assistance using these links:

For Windows – Download TeamViewer via Teamviewer_Quicksupport.exe
For Mac – Download TeamViewer via

Contact us

Phone: + 46 46 222 90 00

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