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Security & backup

Computer regulations & information security at Lund University

As a user of the university network LUNET you commit to the university computer regulations. The regulations are the same for both employees and students.
The university generates and handles large amounts of information. The information must be managed correctly to ensure both access to information and regulatory compliance.

Vice-Chancellor decision: information security at Lund University:

Vice-Chancellor decision: system ownership and system administration at Lund University:

Backup on faculty server

Automatic backup on all servers, including home directories etc, is done every night.

You are responsible for data stored only locally on your computer. We recommend that you use the home directories as the main place to store files.

Antivirus software

On computers funded by Lund University at The Faculty of Medicine the antivirus software Sophos is used.

Install Sophos

It is very important that you uninstall your current antivirus software since you should never use more than one antivirus software at a time.
You can do this in advance in Programs and Features via Control Panel.

  1. Uninstall previous antivirus software
  2. Install Sophos via the links below: log in with your Lucat.
  3. Choose to save the file, e.g. on your desktop.
  4. Run the installation by opening the file from your desktop
  5. Follow instructions for installation

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