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Home directory and common directories

What is a home directory? 

All employees at CRC, HSC and Faculty Office get a computer account on the faculty's server.This includes access to a personal network storage space (home directory), in the same name as your Lucat account. This home directory can be reached from all computers in the faculty and elsewhere via Filr.

You can find your home directory by clicking on “This computer” (“Den här datorn”). The list will contain a drive with the same name as you Lucat login name.

Store data 

You should use your home directory as the main place to save your work and your files will be backed up automatically on the faculty’s server. It is a good idea to delete documents you no longer need in order to free up space on the server.

If your department or working team needs a common directory to share files, use this link to create one.

Remote access to files

You can reach files in your home directory outside campus via Filr

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