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Summary of GDPR event

29th of May 2018, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University


GDPR at a glance: Personal data, personal data processing, when is GDPR applicable and how is it to be applied?

Associate Professor Ulf Maunsbach

Ulf Maunsbach gave a quick introduction to GDPR by answering the questions: When is GDPR applicable? How is GDPR to be applied? What is new in GDPR?

His main message was that: The rules have not much changed. You shall not panic! Wait and see, and use common sense. GDPR can be less complicated than we think.

Research Issues: Sensitive personal data, registration, ethical review 

Professor Peter Höglund

Peter Höglund put GDPR in the context of medical research.  How does GDPR affect scientific research? How does GDPR affect the ethical review act? How do we treat old informed consents?

Also Peter Höglund concluded that one should be too worried, since many of the GDPR rules are already in place.

To whom can I place my questions about GDPR? 

LU Data Protection Officer Bo-Göran Andersson

Bo-Göran Andersson, Lund University's new Data Protection Officer and Information Security Coordinator explained his role and how you can get in contact with him if you have questions about GDPR.


We are collecting personal data from Mocambique – what do we need to think about?

Ulf Maunsbach’s answer was that if you are processing data in Sweden, GDPR should be followed.

It is not allowed to transfer personal data to countries if the level of security is not the same as in Europe. Some unclarity still remains. We have to wait and see.

We have an old ethical permission, is it valid now?

Professor Peter Höglund’s answer was "yes".  But you still have to comply with GDPR when you handle personal data.

The effect of research performance and outcome – clinical studies and clinical research

Professor Ingemar Petersson, Head of Research Skåne University Hospital

Ingemar Petersson gave an overview of the support that exists for clinical studies within Region Skåne.

More information:

How to protect research data 

Colm Doyle, Head of Library and ICT

Colm Doyle gave information about support at the Medical Faculty for Research Data Management and most important about LUSEC - a new platform at LU for storing, handling and analysing data in a secure way and according to the new GDPR.

More information:

How to protect research data. LUBI and LUNARC solution 

Professor Mauno Vihinen

Mauno Vihinen presented services offered through LUBI-LSGA (Lund University Bioinformatics Infrastructure - Large scale genomics analysis, for example, software, hardware, training and L-SENS, a dedicated GDPR-compliant environment.

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