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Business travel instructions - Department of Laboratory Medicine

Employed by LU
'LU employees' need to register their trips in Primula web. Relevant data sheets should be attached to each travel reimbursement, for example:
- Original receipts need to be separately attached on a copy paper
- Conference program, agenda, participant certificate, meeting invitation or similar
- For reimbursement for travel by car, you need to clarify your route of travel
- Participation list in connection with representation
- Travel documents in connection with allowance (traktamente), e.g. air tickets and travel booking

If you need help and guidance while you make your travel reimbursement, you can contact our travel administrator by sending an email to

When the travel reimbursement is complete
- Print the form
- Then you need to send the travel reimbursement through the system (primula webb) by clicking 'Skicka / Submit'.

Hand your documents to your financial adviser

Non-employed at LU
For those who are ’not employed at Lund University’ the following should be submitted to the address mentioned above:
- Filled-in form (pdf)
- Above items, such as original receipts and so on
- Give everything to your contact person at LU, who shall give everything to their financial advicer

To consider!
- Under the terms of the ’University Terms of Service’, a travel reimbursement shall be created within one year after the end of the month when the expense / trip occurred. After a year, the reimbursement expires.
- Reimbursement for receipts concerning food in connection with, e.g. a conference abroad, will not be reimbursed. The allowance (traktamente) is for increased living costs, such as meals.
- Foreign currency expenses are to be calculated to the rate on, unless bank statements can be displayed.

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