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Threats and violence

Threats and violence in the work environment must always be taken seriously. It is therefore important that the Faculty of Medicine, through active work with preventive measures, works to prevent threats and violence. The goal of the work is for the Faculty of Medicine to have a safe and secure environment.

The Faculty of Medicine has a checklist in case of threats and violence. The checklist should be a support for employees and managers in situations of threats and violence. It is a living document that is reviewed regularly.

If something happens
Always call 112 in an emergency
When calling from work phone do not forget to dial 0-112.

University emergency phone 20 700
The emergency phone is open around the clock. When you call +46 46 222 07 00 you will get in contact with the universitys security guard. If necessary, the security guard will forward you to the security function, or to an official on duty if it is outside regular working hours.
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Education and courses

Training course in the prevention of hate, threats and violence (in Swedish)

Lund University is, on the whole, a safe and secure workplace, but from time to time there are situations that can be perceived as - or are actually - threatening or violent. We cannot prepare for everything, but the more situations we can anticipate and endeavour to prevent, the better equipped we will be to address any situations that may arise.

This basic training course aims to increase knowledge about how to prevent threatening and violent situations within the context of LU’s activities. The purpose of the training course is also to alert all employees to the procedures that are in place to deal with threats and violence situations should they arise. All employees must complete the training course.

The aim of the training course is to ensure that both managers and employees at the workplace have a clearer action plan to prevent the risks of threatening and violent situations, and that all employees are aware of the procedures for dealing with such situations and how these procedures should be followed.

The training course is conducted in two parts: a filmed lecture and a discussion exercise with accompanying written supervision. The film lasts about 30 minutes. About 1 hour must be set aside to conduct the discussion exercise. The idea is that the manager should set aside time with her/his working group and conduct the training course. They can gain access to the supervision material from their nearest HSE coordinator (OSA-samordnare).

CRC: Sara Tvermoes,
EMV: Lisette Eklund,
IHV: Karin Rasmussen,
IKVL: Tomas Kirkhorn,
ILM: Ulrika af Sillén,
CMU: Fanny Wennerström,
Kansli M, LBIC, FaMA, MedCul and BIKT: Olga Frennesson-Talpain,

The Faculty of Medicine has also designed an e-course that addresses risks of threats and violence with animal experiments (in Swedish and English).

The course is aimed at researchers, technicians and other staff at the Faculty of Medicine who in different ways work with laboratory animals.

You can find the course in Kompetensportalen.

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