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Suspected research misconduct

The credibility of science is based on research being conducted in an honest manner in accordance with good research practice. It is perhaps particularly important in the medical sciences, as people risk being injured if research is based on false evidence. Therefore, all suspicions of misconduct or deviations from good research practice are to be investigated.

Such investigations are often complicated and time-consuming processes that may affect the work environment of the person reported, the person who filed the report and colleagues in their surroundings. It is of the utmost importance that management of the situation is as good as possible with provision of appropriate support during and after an investigation process.  

The employer has principal responsibility for the work environment, while the employer and staff members are to cooperate to create a good work environment. Within the University there is zero tolerance towards victimisation, harassment and sexual harassment.

Faculty of Medicine has a procedure for good management of situations involving staff members in connection with a report of suspected research misconduct/deviation from good research practice. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure good management of the situation and a good work environment for staff members in connection with the reporting of suspected research misconduct/deviations from good research practice. The procedure is for managers and staff members at the Faculty for Medicine.  

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