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The vice-chancellor of Lund University has overall responsibility for the work environment throughout the University and the faculty boards have equivalent responsibility within their respective faculties. The University’s health and safety committee and the faculties’ work environment committees deal with work environment issues at the relevant level of the organisation.

The Dean
The dean has a responsibility passed on by the Vice-Chancellor for tasks in the area of work environment and fire protection for employees and students. The tasks and responsibility has been passed on to the heads of department and managers directly subordinated to the Dean.  They have, later on, passed on the tasks and the responsibility to managers directly subordinated to them. To their assistance, the dean, prefects, other managers and employees have a number of support functions. There are also coordination agreements with Region Skåne that ensure that employees who have their workplaces within Region Skåne are covered by Region Skåne:s systematic work environment.

Heads of Department
At departmental level, the head of department is in charge of day-to-day work environment management, and the work environment is to be considered in the planning and realisation of all activities. The head of department is responsible for ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with the intentions of the Work Environment Act so that no employee or student is injured or badly treated in the workplace. If this responsibility cannot be met, the head of department is to inform the faculty board or the vice-chancellor.

Staff and student representatives
The health and safety representatives for staff and students provide important assistance through their role and skills, but have no responsibility for the work environment.

Knowledge and competencies
It is important for the organisation and the work environment management that the people in charge of the work environment keep themselves continually up to date on developments in the area. The person in charge is to have good knowledge of work environment issues and be familiar with the applicable regulations. It is also the task of the person in charge of the work environment to ensure that information about how these regulations are applied reaches staff/students and that all those concerned have the knowledge required to avoid injury or illness. These responsibilities also include monitoring the implementation of the regulations in the organisation.

Reporting irregularities or risks
All those who work or study at Lund University have a responsibility to report irregularities or risks. Employees/students are to follow applicable regulations, use protective equipment and otherwise exercise the caution necessary to prevent illness and accident.

The work environment is regulated in the Work Environment Act (WEA) and the Work Environment Ordinance (WEO), as well as a number of provisions from the Work Environment Authority. Note that the regulations that apply to the organisation are to be made available to all staff in the workplace:The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s Statute Book

The University’s central health and safety committee is to work on general matters such as planning of training and information on work environment issues, monitoring physical planning aspects within general organisational planning and propose measures and determine priorities within work environment management. The central health and safety committee is also to have overall responsibility for work environment issues, systematic work environment management and adaptation and rehabilitation activities.

Preventative measures
In the preventive work environment management, efforts are to be made, as far as possible, to adapt the work so that it promotes the development and job satisfaction of every employee and student.
When planning and/or taking decisions on new or altered activities, an impact analysis is to be performed and the work environment aspects are to be brought up and examined. Preventive work environment management is to include carrying out staff appraisals at which the employee has the opportunity to discuss both the physical, psychological and social work environment.

The psychological and social work environment are to be characterised by respect for and trust in the individual. Giving consideration to the duties of the post, the working conditions are to offer opportunities for personal and professional development.

With regard to the physical work environment, the work is to be organised and designed in a way that avoids illness. Employees and students are to be aware of the risks they may encounter and how they can protect themselves against these risks.

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