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ILM Health Environment and Safety

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Health-, Environment- and Safety (HMS) work, including physical and psychosocial conditions, is an important part of our activity at the Department of Laboratory Medicine (ILM). By identifying risks at work, we can prevent employees and students to suffer from accidents and disease, and to prevent negative impacts on the environment. HMS work on ILM is also part of Lund University's policies regarding Work Environment and Health, as well as Environment and Sustainability

Responsibilities and Organization

 - The Head of the department (prefect) is responsible for the work within the department, and the prefect together with the assistant head of the department carries out systematic environment work (SAM) within the department, which includes supervision and safety inspections.
 - The prefect of ILM has in turn delegated HMS tasks to Research group leaders, where the duties are described in the delegation document. If the resources and powers are not sufficient, tasks can be returned to the head of the department.

Within BMC and Medicon Village (MV) HMS work is coordinated between the three major departments, ILM, IKVL and EMV, which regularly conducts safety inspections organized by the Safety Inspection Group (Rondgruppen). ILM has also activities outside BMC and MV, with the areas of Region Skåne. There is HMS work performed in a similar manner as described above, and stipulated in cooperation agreements.

 All employees, fellows and students are also expected to actively contribute to a safe work environment, which means to comply with applicable rules and regulations, the use of the protection equipment, report incidents and accidents, point to shortcomings and suggest improvements.


Urban Gullberg
Ass Head of the Dept, HMS matters ILM

Anna Rignell-Hydbom
Head of the Dept ILM

Lena Ohlsson
HMS coordinator ILM

Emanuel Smeds
Biosafety coordinator ILM, IKVL och EMV

Hans Hovenberg
HMS coordinator BMC

Anders Mårtensson
Head Safety Representative BMC 

Johan Ohlin
Work environment engineer LU

Robert Howe
Work environment engineer LU

Oskar Jonsson
Fire safety coordinator LU

Martina Balaz
Chemical safety coordinator LU



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