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Health Environment and Safety


Health and safety issues are important parts when working at Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund, particularly in laboratory environments. Responsible person for a healthy work environment is the head of department, which in turn delegates tasks to the appropriate department.

Safety Inspections

Staff appraisals

- developing the organisation and the individual.

New GMM regulations and forms for the GMM-notification

Work Environment Authority has come up with new regulations on GMM activities and put out new forms for reporting of conditions such as F and L activities in their theme pages on genetic engineering.

Important! If something happens

Lund University is responsible for in a good way to handle an emergency and this is that if something happens, we will quickly be able to contact the nearest relative of the employee concerned. We have therefore been commissioned to collect
"information about address and related".

Because it's been a while since most of you did such data and many of our new employees did not do it, we would like to invite all to fill out the form provided below and in the right column on this page and mail it to: Eva Jönsson, IKVL, Diagnostic
Radiology, SUS in Lund; hst 32nd.

Remember that false information will enable us might contact the wrong person in an emergency.

Submission form will be kept safely in personnel coordinator.

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