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Fire prevention

Systematic fire prevention

In accordance with Statens räddningsverks allmänna råd (Swedish Rescue Services Agency general guidelines) and Chapter 2 Section 2 of the Civil Protection Act (2004:3), the owner or occupier of buildings or other facilities is to take the measures necessary to prevent fire and to prevent or limit damage as a result of fire.

Systematic fire prevention means that planning, training, checks and documentation are followed up in an organised manner within the organisation. This entails the following at departmental level:

  • a fire prevention officer is to be appointed and that person’s name be reported to LU Estates.
  • persons appointed to fire prevention roles (fire prevention officer, manager of a flammable substance, health and safety representative) attend training organised by LU.
  • annual internal fire prevention inspections are to be carried out on an annual basis at the department. The inspections are to be documented.
  • participation in external inspections of fire prevention.
  • all staff are to undertake fire prevention training and this training is to be documented.
  • in accordance with a vice-chancellor’s decision, fire prevention training is to be offered and documented.
  • there are to be the correct type and number of fire extinguishers and these are to be checked on an annual basis.
  • accidents/near-accidents involving fire or flammable substances are to be reported in accordance with LU’s routines, and serious incidents are to be reported to the Work Environment Authority without delay. If the incident may have had a negative impact on the external environment, the Environment Administration is to be informed.

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