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Gas supply

BMC Service, the service technicians, handle the purchase and distribution of gases to all BMC departments and groups.

Some of the buildings have permanent outlets for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, LPG, laughing gas and oxygen.

Liquid nitrogen for your Dewar vessels is distributed via the transport tanks, located in ventilated rooms in the buildings.

The service technicians will help you with acquiring special gases as desired.


The cleaning of the BMC premises is performed by the University Service Unit under contract. Daily cleaning is usually done during normal working hours.

The cleaning procedures follow the agreed planning, both regarding measures, extent and frequency. The efforts vary depending on the function of the premises, their usage and the demands for cleanliness.

If your activities demand more or special cleaning, such needs can be provided for according to your wishes.

Any special efforts, such as a yearly, thorough cleaning, and periodic floor maintenance are normally performed during the summer vacation period.

Lab washing-up services

BMC has a common washing-up facility for laboratory gear, with full-time staff, serving mainly buildings A, B, C and D.

Find it on floor C 13, in the north-east end of the building.

If you need help with washing up of lab gear, please call: 046 - 222 03 05


BMC Service technicians
Phone: 046 - 222 05 00

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