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Environment, health & safety

The Faculty of Medicine is the sum of the people who work here This means that we are dependent on having a good and well-functioning work environment and is a task that requires us to have a sustainable work environment.

This also means that we should regularly investigate the work environment, implement measures and follow up on what we do to prevent accidents. It is important that we have an organisation that best supports education, research, collaboration, governance and the development of the Faculty. The organisation shall, among other things, provide the conditions for optimal use of resources as but also realize the need for flexibility and a good working environment.
The systematic work environment work is based on several control documents.

At this webpage we have gathered information about how our work environment work is organised, how it is carried out and which people work with work environment questions at the faculty.

Environment, Health & Safety Committees

If you have questions that are not covered within these pages, please contact the relevant Environment, Health & Safety Committee:

  • BMC (In Swedish)
  • CRC (In Swedish)
  • HSC (In Swedish)

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