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Morning meeting with the Faculty

All employees are welcome to join our digital morning meetings with the Faculty. These will be recurring monthly meetings where you will be able to meet the Dean and her Vice-dean colleagues and hear about a current topic. The meetings will primarily be held in English to make them available to all employees.


Dates 2021 - 2022

Thursday 11/11 - Forum Medicum

At this first meeting we will get an introduction by the Dean Kristina Åkesson and then Joanna Oberda, project manager, and Jakob Donnér, chair of project, will show us where we are with the building of Forum Medicum and talk us through some of the plans going forward.

Torsdag 16/12  -  TBA


Torsdag 13/1 -  TBA

Torsdag 10/2 -  TBA

Torsdag 10/3 -  TBA

Torsdag 7/4 -  TBA

Torsdag 12/5 -  TBA

Torsdag 9/6 -  TBA


Johanna Erlandson
Head of Communications
+46 46-222 08 23

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