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Internal channels

There are many ways for you to spread noteworthy information to your colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine. Below are a few of our major information channels that you can contribute to.


What: The faculty’s intranet. Information on everything from terms of employment to faculty organisation and practical issues such as premises and IT. Intramed also carries news from the faculty, forthcoming seminars, training courses, grants, etc.

Languages: Swedish and English.

Who contributes: All faculty employees have the opportunity to contribute content. Send an email to

Who is responsible: The faculty’s communications office.

Newsletter from the Faculty of Medicine

What: Internal newsletter with management information, faculty news and features, as well as links to training courses, conferences, grants and doctoral thesis defenses. The Newsletter from the Faculty of Medicine will be sent out on Tuesday every odd week during the semester to all staff and co-workers at the Faculty of Medicine and to everyone who is interested.

Languages: Swedish and English.

Who contributes: All staff and co-workers are welcome to submit content for the newsletter. If you have news, suggestions or ideas you would like to share with your colleagues, let us know by emailing If possible, please submit a text both in English and Swedish and a link.Please submit your information latest by the Thursday before the date of issue.

Date of issue of the Newsletter from the Faculty of Medicine spring 2021:

  • 21/1
  • 3/2
  • 17/2
  • 3/3
  • 17/3
  • 31/3
  • 14/4
  • 28/4
  • 12/5
  • 28/5
  • 9/6
  • 23/6

Faculty email lists

What: Emailing lists for groups of employees at the faculty. To be used when information is targeted at a specific group. For example, reaches all researchers and teaching staff at the faculty who have joined the list and reaches all doctoral students at the faculty.

Information on what lists are available and how to subscribe/unsubscribe

Who contributes: All those who are registered on the lists.

Who is responsible: The faculty’s ICT unit. 


All employees at the Faculty of Medicine receive internal newsletters on a regular basis. The faculty's communications section are responsible for the various channels used.

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