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  • LUDC-IRC Precision Medicine Symposium

    Time: 2017-11-30, 09:00
    Place: Triangeln Scandic Hotel, Malmö
    Contact: Pernilla Siming,

    Type 2 diabetes and related conditions are rising rapidly around the global and conventional prevention and treatment strategies are failing to keep pace. Thus, new approaches, including those focused on patient-level biomarker data to optimize advice and therapies, have garnered tremendous interest; this is broadly termed “precision medicine”. The LUDC-IRC precision medicine symposium will bring together several outstanding international experts on precision medicine, along with junior and senior investigators from LUDC-IRC to describe and discuss cutting-edge research germane to this topic. Lectures will cover the tremendous opportunities offered through private-public partnerships; the major diabetes associations’ (ADA and EASD) perspectives; the interrogation of big data using state-of-the-art bioinformatics; translation of basic science to clinical practice; innovative trial designs; and the critical role of lifestyle in diabetes and malignancies.

    • Session 1: Precision medicine - Swedish, US and Europen perspctives
    • Session 2: Genetic and non-genetic biomarkers in large population cohorts
    • Session 3: Innovative use of big data
    • Session 4: precision medicine trials

    Registration: latest November 12th

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