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Coordination group and working groups

To initiate, drive and keep an overview over the sustainable development work at the faculty, and to make systematic and coherent evaluation and followup possible, a coordination group for sustainable development at the Faculty of Medicine has been appointed. The group consists of the responsible Vice Dean, an administrative coordinator, five working group leaders, a doctoral student representative and a student representative. The working groups are based on each one of the prioritized goal areas of the Faculty of Medicine's strategic plan, and are led by persons who already have leadership roles in those areas. The working groups initiate collaborations with different actors at the Faculty and beyond to implement the sustainability goals from our Action Plan.

In the coordination group, working group leaders coordinate themselves with eachother through regular reporting to harmonize the work and to receive information from other parts of Lund University and the environment. They also follow up their work.

The coordination group is also supported by external experts who are invited to meetings on a regular basis. The experts represent key and collaboration actors in the society.

Event calendar

SDG-related events at the Faculty of Medicine and partners


SDG-related news from the Faculty of Medicine and partner organizations

Faculty of Medicine, Sustainable development group, 2021:

Webinar: Reaching SDG 3: Good health and wellbeing for all - The role of private markets with Nina Rawal

Speaker: Nina Rawal, Partner at Trill Impact Ventures and Young Global Leader at World Economic Forum

Nina Rawal holds a PhD in molecular neurobiology from the Karolinska Institute. She was previously Head of Life Science at Industrifonden and received the "Investor of the Year 2016" award by Life Science Sweden. She started her career at Boston Consulting Group.

Nina Rawal wants to show that it is possible to combine commercial benefits with human benefits, something that she herself has experience with.


On January 27th, 11:00-12:00, she will be giving a talk on Zoom about the role of private markets to contribute to the fulfilment of SDG 3 (Good health and wellbeing for all).

Karin Broberg, Professor at Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, will be the moderator.

The webinar is organized by the Faculty of Medicine’s Sustainable Development group and is open for everyone.

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Webinar: A human rights perspective when addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Speaker: Morten Kjaerum, Adjunct Professor and Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Morten Kjaerum is a Danish lawyer, who is now head of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Sweden. From 2008 to 2015 he directed the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA),based in Vienna, Austria. He is also a former director of the Danish Institute for Human Rights and of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. He started his career in the non-governmental sector at the Danish Refugee Council. Since 2013, he is also Honorary Professor at Aalborg University.

On December 16th, 12:00-13:00, Morten Kjaerum will be giving a webinar via Zoom, where he will address the interrelatedness and interconnectedness of the SDG’s and human rights underscoring why this is particular relevant in a Swedish context. He will discuss how a human rights based approach to providing health services can contribute to the development of the Swedish health system and in the end protect and fulfil the right to health.

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Contact information

Coordination group:


Heiko Herwald, Vice Dean

Heiko Herwald, Vice Dean, photo.

Susanne Sundell, Coordinator

Susanne Sundell, Koordinator vid Avdelningen för forsknings- och ledningsstöd. Foto.

Working groups:


Interweaved and competitive education and research for sustainability

Karin Broberg, Professor and Research group leader

Karin Broberg. Foto Kennet Ruona.

Active joint efforts to solve sustainability challenges

Kajsa M Paulsson, Associate Professor and Research group leader

Kajsa M Paulsson, forskargruppschef Antigen presentation. Foto.

Sustainable international and national relationships and perspectives

Fredrik Bengtsson, Senior Lecturer

Fredrik Bengtsson, universitetslektor. Foto.

Coworkership, leadership and managers' roles for sustainability

Saema Ansar, Associate Professor, Research group leader

Saema Ansar, docent & forskargruppschef. Foto.

Appropriate resources and tools for sustainability

Anna Oudin, Associate Professor, Research Group Leader

Anna Oudin. Statistiker, avdelningen för arbets- och miljömedicin. Foto.