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Newsletter Translational Medicine 4/2018

13 December, 2018

Dear colleagues and staff,

Portrait photo of Lars B. Dahlin: Photographer: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Time goes by so quickly and soon you will be having your well-earned rest after all the work you have done this autumn. The newsletter contains some comprehensive departmental information and some departmental office information. 

I hope to meet as many of you as possible when the Departmental Office have an Open House on Monday December 17th at 1–3 PM. There you will have the opportunity to discuss different problems or bring good news to me and the other employees at the department. 

A lot of the work at the department is about economy, and the active work of preparing budget estimates has been going on in recent weeks.

The administrative capital (myndighetskapitalet), and how it is to be dealt with, is a constant issue. I will return with more details about this after the financial statements and how to resolve and withdraw any excess part (10 percent) from the "15 percent target". This will be measured on each organizational unit. 

Appropriations, in particular from the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Cancer Fund, have also been the subject of discussions, including the allocations from VR. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Anders Håkansson and Anna Blom, who have received funding from the Swedish Research Council (VR), and I encourage everyone to return with new applications next year. 

The Swedish Research Council's preparatory panels are going to be restructured, which hopefully will lead to cleaner preparation panels and thus an improved outcome for our department. It is important that we all help out and take part as members of preparation panels if we’re asked to. 

The faculty has begun work with a new strategic plan since the old one "expired" during the former faculty management. The faculty management is working through meetings with focus groups where we discuss "key values", "visions" and "actions". The work will continue in 2019, and the department will later get to issue a referral response. 

The Lund University Cancer Center (LUCC) has been formed, and a coordinator, three deputy coordinators, and a project coordinator will be appointed by the Dean. I have had discussions with involved researchers at the department in order to be able to come up with suggestions to the Dean of committed people for these positions. 

During the autumn there have also been changes in the political governance, which may affect the work of several of our department's employees. It is still unclear how the new direction will be. We are following developments closely. 

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for the great work you do for our department in all areas. We’re like a team in sports where we all have different functions, but everyone is equally important to make it all work. 

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lars, Head of the Department

New departmental board 2019–2021

This autumn’s electronical election for a new board at the Department of Translational Medicine 2018–2021 is completed. The Nominating Committee’s proposal got most votes, and this led to the following representation:

Teaching staff representatives
Lars Dahlin, (Head of the Department and chairperson), Eva Nordström, Johan Malm, Kristian Riesbeck, Aleksander Giwercman, Christopher Rääf, Maria Alvarado Kristensson, Jan Astermark

Deputies teaching staff
Sophia Zackrisson, Per Björkman

Other staff representatives
Ben King, Susanne Larsson, Rebecka Hellsten

Deputies other staff
Helén Nilsson, Sinh Tran

Healthcare employed teacher/researcher representative
Elin Trägårdh

Deputie healthcare employed teacher/researcher
Sven Månsson

More information:

Staff news from the Departmental Office

ulrika af sillen

Our staff coordinator Ulrika af Sillén is sadly leaving the Department Office for another position at Lund University. From the start of the new year she will be working at the Department of Laboratory Medicine in Lund. We wish her all the best.

Recruitment of a new staff coordinator for the Department Office has been made in December and Ulrika's successor will soon be in place. 


Our departmental administrator, Elin Gudmundson, is also leaving the department next year in February for another position at the faculty at the Department of Clinical Science in Lund. We wish her all the best.

For questions or more information, contact Mats Roxendal, Administrative Manager of the Department Office:

Contact details to the Departmental Office on the Intramed.

christmas card pixabay

Welcome December 17th to the Departmental Offices Open House

You who are active at CSM, TM or CRC, came to an open house. Meet us who work at the Department Office and also our Heads of the Departments – Patrik Midlöv and Lars Dahlin! We invite you to some fika with mulled wine and gingerbread.

The CRC and the Departmental Offices in Malmö for the two departments of clinical sciences and translational medicine jointly invite to open houses.

Take a short break from Christmas chores and join us, have some mulled wine, mingle and participate in a quiz! Have a chat with us at the Departmental Office about the past year and the new year to come. 

You are very welcome! 

When: Monday, December 17, 13-15
Where: CRC, House 92, Plan 11

New information security guidelines at Lund University from June 2017

stop security pixabay

The University generates and handles large amounts of information. This information must be managed in a way that ensures that the University’s need for access is satisfied and that the University is able to comply with applicable regulations from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Swedish Data Protection Authority, the National Archives of Sweden and others. 

In order to fulfil our obligation, these guidelines concerning information security, including information and templates, have been updated. 

These information security guidelines are intended for Lund University staff and students, as well as any collaboration partners involved in the University’s activities.

LUISA – compulsory education about information security

The University’s information in all its forms – spoken, digital, and written – is to be managed and protected in a correct and appropriate way.

As an employee, you must be aware of and be able to manage what is referred to as the protection value of the information in your custody. The LUISA independent study course provides you with the basics of what this means for you.

The LUISA course is a completely online independent study course. Once you have completed the course, you can refer back to it whenever you like. 

To get to the LUISA course you log in to Kompetensportalen with your Lucat-ID ( If you can’t find the course there, you can search in the course catalogue for ”LUISA – LU:s informationssäkerhetsutbildning för användare”.

The course is also available in English i Kompetensportalen: LUISA – LU’s Information Security Training for Users

Contact: (Head of Security at LU)

Swedish-Danish success for reproductive medicine research

babyfot reproduktion pixabay

University and hospitals in the Öresund region together make a common cause to solve the challenges of fertility. The Danish-Swedish health project ReproUnion continues thanks to contributions from Interreg, Region Skåne, Capital Region and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Awards and career

Congratulations to Anna Blom with new funding from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for the project "Komplementhämmare i infektioner och immunreglering".

New research environment at the Faculty 

bakteriekolonier foto kennet ruona
Foto: Kennet Ruona

Congratulations to Anders P Håkansson, who together with four fellow researchers, has got new funding from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for establishing a new research environment for infection and antibiotics. The main focus will be on antibiotic resistance. 

Final date for invoices, contracts and donation letters

invoice pixabay

Monday 8 January 2019 at 6 pm will be the final date to approve supplier’s invoices in Lupin if they shall be posted in 2018. Please note that 8 January is the first working day after the Christmas holidays. The Departmental Office appreciates if you, if possible, dispatch your invoices already before Christmas.

Monday 14 January 2019 is the final date for invoice from external parts, governmental or non governmental, if they are to be billed in 2018. 

Please also note that contracts and donation letters concerning new funding shall be forwarded to your financial administrator immediately.

god jul

The Departmental Office – limited access during the Christmas Holidays

Please note that the Departmental Office will be closed 21 December 2018–4 January 2019, and that our new HR Coordinator not will be in place until earliest 7 January 2019.

Contact the Departmental Office as soon as possible if you have, or if you expect, issues which need to be solved before the turn of the year. Documents to be signed by the Head of Department must be handed in before Christmas. During the holidays signing will only be possible in urgent/exceptional cases.

A reminder to report your sideline (bisyssla)

sidelines arbetsgivarverket
The information about sidelines from the Swedish Agency for Government Employers (Arbetsgivarverket) describe, among other things, the general provisions in constitution or agreements that restrict the right of government employees to have certain sidelines.

The rules for sidelines are intended to limit the right of government employees to have certain sidelines. The employee is obliged to advise on his or her sidelines at the employer’s request. 

Limitations exist for three different types of sidelines:

  • confidence damaging
  • work obstructing and
  • competing sidelines. 

Special sideline rule (särskild bisyssleregel)

The sidelines of government employees are regulated in lagen om offentlig anställning (LOA) (the Public Employment Act) and in collective agreements. In högskolelagen (the Higher Education Act) there is a special sideline rule for college and university teachers. (3 kap. 7 § högskolelagen)

College and university teachers have the right, in addition to their employment, to have employment or assignments or activities for research or development work in the field of employment, provided that the teacher does not harm public confidence in the university.  

Always report your sideline (bisyssla)

All teachers at the department, regardless of the extent of the employment, must submit a notification of sidelines. Even if you’re a teacher and have no sideline, you should report this. 

  • You always report your sideline and describe it in such a way that it is possible for your manager to decide whether the sideline can be considered permissible or not.
  • You will update a previously notified and approved sideline if its scope or nature changes.
  • You report your sideline in SSC Primula webb. 

What happens if I don’t report my sideline (bisyssla)?

If an employee refuses to report a sideline, or submits incorrect information, it shall be regarded as a breach of the employee's employment obligation. The consequences can be disciplinary and/or dismissal. 

Do you have any questions about sidelines (bisyssla)?

Contact your nearest manager. If you are the manager and you need help to clarify questions about sidelines for yourself or for a colleague, contact the head of your department and/or the HR coordinator at the departmental office.

cold pixabay

Amendment of the law in 2019 – salary deduction instead of waiting day

On January 1st, 2019, the waiting day is replaced with a salary deduction in the law (1991:1047) regarding sick pay. The purpose of the amendment is to make the deduction when you are sick as fair and predictable as possible. In the law regarding sick pay the deduction is proposed to be 20 percent of an average weekly salary in the form of sick pay. 

How does this affect me as an employee?

The present system with a waiting day means that if you have irregular working hours you will lose more money if you are sick one of the days you are supposed to work long hours. The new salary deduction is fairer, since the deduction is always 20 percent of the sick pay. 

The present system with a waiting day also means that you can avoid a high deduction by reporting sick later in the day if you get sick during working hours. With the new salary deduction it doesn’t matter if you report sick late in the day, the deduction will still always be 20 percent of the sick pay of an average working week. 

In some collective agreements there is already a clause about a salary deduction. 

Learn about systematic work environment management (SAM) at Lund University

time sam pixabay

Lund University aims to create a work environment for staff and students that is perceived as developing and stimulating. Consideration of the work environment and safety must be integrated into everything we do.

Managers and safety representatives are important players in the systematic work environment work and basic knowledge about laws and regulations is necessary. 

Compulsory online course in SAM

The course is an online education which gives you basic knowledge about how the work environment legislation works, what systematic work environment management means, how Lund University has organized its work environment work, what different roles and responsibilities we have, and how we cooperate with questions about the work environment.

Every employee should take the course, but it’s compulsory for anyone who has been assigned work environment tasks and is employed as:

  • New manager
  • Experienced manager
  • Support role in the area of systematic work environment management, like work environment coordinator and staff coordinator
  • Coordinator for joint work places
  • Responsible in the education organization
  • Safety representative and its substitute

To take the course you need to log in to Kompetensportalen with your Lucat-ID ( Look in the course catalogue for ”Systematiskt arbetsmiljöarbete vid LU”.

Questions about the course?

 Contact Anna Sjösten, personnel consultant at the department of labour law and employment, staff section

lyssna bok tortalk pixabay

Do you want to listen to texts and read with your ears? Test TorTalk!

TorTalk is a program that reads digital text. TorTalk works on both PC and Mac, and also on tablets that use Windows.  

With TorTalk you can: 

  • Listen to digital text in different formats (word, pdf, html, text ...)
  • Listen to all e-books and articles in full text
  • Specify the reading speed yourself
  • Choose from 20 languages ​​and 60 voices

Everyone at Lund University can get free access to the program

All students and employees at Lund University can install TorTalks on their private computers. The program is also installed on many student computers and on the libraries computers. 

As an employee, you can also get the program installed on your computer at work, contact your IT administrator for assistance.

Please note: For installation on LU computers (for example, student computers, computers in the libraries and employee's work computers), download programs and installation key in LDC's program portal. 

If you have questions about TorTalk, contact Åsa Forsberg at e-mail or phone 046‑222 98 31

How to announce half-time reviews


Please do not forget that half-time reviews shall be announced within the Department in good time. E-mail details to our communications officer Tove Gilvad, including name of the Ph.D student, project title, date and time, venue (including address), name of supervisor and name of expert/opponent.

Do not forget to attach an abstract, limited to maximum 350 words. We recommend you to include the following headings when composing the abstract:

  • Background
  • Question at issue/methodology
  • Preliminary results
  • Significance/impact
  • List of published papers (list directly after the abstract)

There is no need to register the event with the faculty office.

Questions about announcements: Tove Gilvad, Communications Officer, +46 40 39 10 60,

Training in career planning for PhD students: register your interest

karriarval pixabay

Lund University offers all PhD students a course in designing their individual career plan and concrete tools for putting it into practice. The course is adapted for full-time, full-time students.

The course is given in English and is free for you as a PhD student and for your department. You can not credit the course in your postgraduate education, but it is an opportunity for you as a graduate student to plan your future career. The career plan can also provide support for your annual employee interview.

 The last day to report your interest in this course is January 31, 2019.

nationell konferens kliniska studier

National Conference on Clinical Studies in Malmö 6–7 February 2019

Take the opportunity and be inspired by speakers and conference participants, discuss and network with representatives of patient organizations, academics, healthcare, government and industry. 

The conference is organized by Clinical Studies Sweden – Forum Söder. And 6–7 February 2019, the national conference will be held at Clarion Hotel, Malmö Live.

The theme of this year's conference is "The Value of Clinical Studies", and aims to discuss health challenges with integrating research into clinical activities.

Conference speaker from our department

On of the conference speaker is Aleksander Giwercman, ReproUnion, Senior Lecturer and Professor of Andrology at Lund University, Reproduction Medical Center, Skåne University Hospital.

Do you want to organize Forskningens dag 2019?

forskningens dag arshjul

Do you want to focus on your research? To organize Forskningens dag means that research groups will focus on focus in several ways during 2019. 

Forskningens dag 2019 takes place on Tuesday 5 November in Malmö and in the afternoon Wednesday 6 November in Lund. 

Proposals by 14 January

If you are interested in arranging Forskningens dag, you should submit an interest report containing suggestions for programs with lecturers and content, by 14 January 2019 to

More information about what it means to organize Research Day and what to include in your application.

Do you have questions about arranging Forskningens dag?

Contact Ella Stensson by e-mail or phone 046-222 30 18.

Electronic legal deposit

e plikt pixabay

As of 1 January 2015 Lund University is obliged to submit electronic material to the National Library of Sweden, under the legal requirement of electronic legal deposit (eLD). These deposits are to be made through our eLD system called ‘E-plikta’. 

Electronic legal deposit is a legal requirement to submit copies of electronic materials which have been made available to the public. 

The purpose of eLD is to collect and preserve the digital cultural heritage to support future research. 

The Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen) has assigned the National Library of Sweden with the task of receiving the electronic legal deposits. 

Read more about eLD on the website of the National Library of Sweden (in Swedish) 

Publications at Lund University that are subject to eLD

There are seven types of publications at Lund University that are subject to eLD: 

  1. Student recruitment material such as prospectuses, recruitment videos and instructions on how to apply for a course or programme. 
  2. Staff recruitment material such as recruitment videos and instructions on how to apply for a position. 
  3. Reports and investigations that are of public interest such as the University’s annual financial statement. 
  4. Commemorative and jubilee publications. 
  5. General information about the University for the public such as brochures, exhibition catalogues, information or marketing materials, newsletters and journals. 
  6. Research information for the public such as newsletters, journals, information or marketing videos, and video lectures. 
  7. Research publications.​ 

The Minerva Leadership Award

The Future Faculty award for academic leadership

Do you know an inspiring leader and/or good role model within the Faculty of Medicine?

minerva award

Future Faculty aims to reclaim the pride in academic integrity and wants to honor the role models and leaders in the organization who strive to live by these values.

Future Faculty have therefore instated “the Minerva Leadership Award”.

Nominate an inspiring leader

Future Faculty need you to nominate inspiring leaders and/or good role models within the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, for the annual award for academic leadership.

Future Faculty welcome nominees on any level: post-docs, PIs, teachers, administrative colleagues etc. We want you to nominate someone who you think is a good role model, who leads by example and raise the bar for academic integrity.

The nomination process for the 2018–2019 Minerva Award is open now, until January 16th 2019.

The winner will be announced in April–May 2019 and will receive a prize of 10 000 SEK.

New learning platform at the University

According to the decision of the Education Board (STYR 2018/1343), the learning platform Canvas will be introduced at Lund University. Canvas replaces the two learning platforms Live@Lund and LUVIT (Lund University Virtual Interactive Tool).

Canvas will be implemented at the University during the period from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020.

LUVIT/Live@Lund will therefore remain throughout the current academic year as well as throughout the next academic year, ie for the autumn term 2019 and spring term 2020. After that, it will only be possible to complete courses on the platform that have begun during the latter academic year. 

Do you have questions about the University’s learning platform?

If you have any questions about the phasing out of the platform, you are welcome to ask the system administration (

If you have any questions about Canvas, please email them at

Doctoral dissertations

14 December
Simon Kindvall (Medical Radiation Physics) “Pulmonary imaging with quantification of T1-relaxation and oxygen enhanced MRI”.
Supervisor: Lars E Olsson

25 January 2019
Viktor Månsson (Clinical Microbiology) "Haemphilus influenzae - typing, epidemiology and beta-lactam resistance".
Supervisor: Kristian Riesbeck

Half-time reviews

Monday 17 December, Emma Nilsson Condori, "Fertility after Bariatric Surgery". Supervisor: Britt Friberg, Assoc Professor, Lund University

Tuesday 18 December, Emilia Persson, “MRI only based radiotherapy of prostate cancer – technical and physical aspects”. Supervisor: Maria Ljungberg, Docent Sahlgrenska and Peter Larsson, Docent Linköpings university

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips or plans for a web site regarding your project and so on?

opposites pixabay

Please let me know. I can give advice and assist you. 

I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it further can be developed.


Tove Gilvad, Communications Officer, +46 722‑49 95 62, 

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