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Newsletter Translational Medicine 4/2016

21 December, 2016

Dear colleagues,


We are getting close to 2017, and I want to thank all researchers, Ph.D.-students and personnel for this year’s achievements.

In July 2016 the Malmö-based research team in clinical infection medicine joined our department. When we enter 2017 professor Per Björkman will replace professor Inga Odenholt as their research group leader. I wish their new team leader Per good luck.

Tommy Andersson

Since the beginning of 2016 we have run our own departmental office. I hope that you, like myself, feel that we now have an administrative team which has started off well and corresponds to our needs to keep the business up and running. Thank you to Catrine and the staff!

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tommy Andersson
Head of department

Portrait photo of Yvonne Giwercman
Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman
New head of post graduate studies

From 1 January 2017 Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman will be assistant head of the Department / head of post graduate studies.

Anna Blom, up until now head of post graduate studies, will still be assistant head of the Department with focus on strategic issues.


Reminder - the Departmental Office will be closed 23-27 December

Note that the Departmental Office will be closed 23-27 December. Please contact the staff immediately to get help with issues that must be solved before Christmas and the turn of the year.

How to best reach HR

Due to heavy workload our HR coordinator Ulrika af Sillén appreciates if you, if possible, first send an e-mail when you need her help.

As before you are most welcome to contact her if you have questions, concerns or simply want to schedule time for a meeting or phone call regarding being an employee at Lund University.


Doctoral studies – new administrative support

Porträttbild av Diana Vaduva. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Onwards Diana Vaduva provides administrative support for issues concerning doctoral studies/Ph.D. relations.

Diana is temporary employed during Elin Gudmundson’s parental leave. You are welcome to contact Diana in order to get help or if you have questions about doctoral studies.

Diana also work half-time as a research administrator supporting five research groups at the Department.

Previous working experiences include coordination at Lund University’s accommodation service for international guests and administration at the Department of Human Geography and the Human Ecology Division, Lund University. She has also run her own hotel business for many years. Welcome Diana!

Diana Vaduva, Departmental Administrator, +46 40 39 11 54,

Information about LUCRIS and profile updates

During the board meeting 15 December 2016 the Department’s visibility in the University’s new web portal for research information – LUCRIS – was discussed. The following decision was taken:

  • All PI:s (principle investigators) at the Department shall update their personal profile at latest 15 March 2017 with keywords, portrait photo and a presentation of their current research.
  • Researchers, post docs, Ph.D.-students and all other individuals who are connected to the Department and have a LUCRIS profile are welcome to update, but shall before adding information about research in LUCRIS clarify this with their PI. This in order to make sure that all necessary patent and embargo considerations have been made.

There is also a need for updating the information on group level. Research group leaders who yet not have forwarded information (brief summary of the group’s research and an illustration/photo) will be contacted.

Contact: Björn Martinsson, 040-39 10 60

Overview of upcoming VR-calls

The Swedish Research Council has recently presented an overview of upcoming calls during 2017. International Postdoc and Conference funding will be the first ones to open on 18 January, to be followed by Proof of concept in Life Science on 1 February. The call for Project funding will open on 15 February.

Announcement - Summer Scholarships 2017

The Research Studies Board hereby announces partially funded two-month summer scholarships aimed at students of the Faculty of Medicine’s undergraduate and advanced programmes.

The two-month scholarship (with payment in June and July) shall be used for an eight-week research project during the period June-August 2017. 50 percent of the scholarship is financed by the faculty, and 50 percent by the supervisor and his/her research team.

The scholarships are awarded to students at all stages of their education in accordance with the above.

Submit your application no later than 2017-02-03,

Faculty information in a new electronic newsletter

In the beginning of 2017 the Faculty will make a merger of News from the Faculty Management, e-bulletinen and Nerv! The new vehicle will be an electronic newsletter distributed via e-mail every fortnight. The change will take place in order to achieve a more efficient production and distribution.

Contacts:  alt

lu 350
Lund University celebrates 350 years

During 2017 Lund University will celebrate its 350 year-anniversary. But already on 19 December the jubilee started off with an official opening ceremony in Lund. This will be followed by anniversary activities the whole of the year.

Awards and career

Jenny L Persson is now a professor, specialized in experimental pathology with focus on tumor diseases.

Eva Melander (clinical microbiology), is now an associate professor (unsalaried).

jenny klintman

Jenny Klintman (clinical coagulation medicine) has been awarded the 2016 Tegger Scholarship, 400 000 SEK to cover costs for postdoctoral studies.

Read more about Jenny Klintman's Tegger Scholarship

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips, plans for a web site regarding your project etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, communications officer, +46 72 723 44 99,

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