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Newsletter Translational Medicine 3/2018

9 November, 2018

Dear colleagues and staff,

Yours truly hope that you, despite all your work in research, education and healthcare, will have had time to enjoy all the beautiful colors of autumn. I can recommend walks in the forest to let the brain rest a while and to get some creative thoughts going. It has been an intensive start to the autumn for our institution where I’m sure everyone has noted the introduction of SSC, which has not been completely problem-free (no-one was probably expecting it to be without complications), but it has now been implemented. The newsletter below contains some points that I hope everyone will take note of; not least a reminder of GDPR and secure data storage (LUSEC).

Portrait photo of Lars B. Dahlin: Photographer: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

The result of all your hard work applying for research grants has also come, and it seems to have been especially difficult to get funding from VR. The research in ITM has also attracted much attention from media (see below), which is important for spreading information to the public. The answers from the ALF Committee have also been presented where you have now also calculated your budgets. I really appreciate all the work you put into research and education. I would also like to encourage you to take notice of the rules that apply to project work for the T10 students on the medical program and to pay particular attention to the ethical rules.

You will also have noticed that there is a large selection of articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the media. ITM has now formed a working party, including also people from outside the institution, to work on this subject on behalf of the faculty management - a gigantically huge area where we can only touch upon smaller parts.

I would particularly like to welcome two members of staff at the registrar’s - Administrative Manager Mats Roxendahl and our new Financial Officer Henrik Steen, as well as two new members of staff in research and teaching – senior lecturer Maria Alvarado‑Kristensson and associate senior lecturer Joakim Esbjörnsson, who also is a new PI at the department! Also a welcome to Tove Gilvad, new Communications Officer who will be supporting the department part-time.

Finally, I would like to thank Hugh Connell warmly for his great effort as acting Administrative Manager during the year. Hugh entered at a turbulent time and has been a huge support during my first time as head of department! 

I wish you all a nice autumn!
Lars, Head of department

Welcome to Henrik, new Financial Officer

Porträtt på mnedarbetare Henrik Steen som sitter framför sitt skrivbord.

Henrik Steen is working as a Financial Officer at the registrar's of ITM since October 15th. He has been at Lund University for more than 15 years at different levels, and has worked both at the university administration at a research department and on the faculty level. 

His latest workplace was at the Faculty Office at LTH where he worked as an economist. Before that, he was employed as an economist at the Faculty of Social Sciences for more than eight years. 

You will find Henrik and the other co-workers at the registrar’s of ITM in building 92, floor 11, at CRC. 

Welcome, Henrik! 


Vote in the election on November 14–21, 2018

Vote for new members of the Board of the Department of Translational Medicine for the term of office January 1, 2019–December 31, 2021.

Illustration som visar en genomskinlig valbox och en valsedel.

This 2018 election of new board members concerns eight regular members for teachers, three regular members for other staff, one regular member for the health service, three alternate members for teachers and one alternate member for other staff.

 The election will be held electronically via email on November 14–21, 2018, and your vote is anonymous, no one can see how you vote. If you are included in the electoral register of the institution, you have the right to vote and will receive your electronical ballot by e-mail.

Our research noted in the media

The Department of Translational Medicine has been covered and noted in the media for it's excellent research and hard work that is done in our research groups, for studies and results that has been published. 

Press releases from Lund University

System virology

Radiology Diagnostics

Radiology Diagnostics, Malmö in the research portal Lucris.

Media attention

Experimental Infection Medicine

Experimental Infection Medicine, Malmö in the research portal Lucris.

Lusec and high-secure handling of data at the Faculty of Medicine

lusec logo small

Lusec is a platform for storing, handling and analysing data in a high-secure way and according to the new GDPR. The platform is built upon a storage solution based on IBM Spectrum Scale, with encryption of data, and numerous components from Citrix, amongst others, Citrix StoreFront (a secure user environment with various software) and Citrix ShareFile (a secure file transfer software).

The platform is presently mainly suited for the special requirements researchers at the Faculty of Medicine have, but will, as far as it is possible, be enlarged and equipped with additional software and functions.

30 November, seminar about challenges when developing e-Health solutions

The seminar e-Health – what is needed for research to reach clinical benefit? in Malmö on 30 November will focus on issues needed to consider already at an early stage when developing e-Health solutions. 


Please register no later than November 23rd by sending an email to Thomas Gunnarsson, At the same time specify if you would like lunch, and any food requirements. The seminar is free of charge. 

Speakers and participators

Henrik Ahlén, e-Health Strategist, Advisor and Production Manager, with extensive experience in helping organisations understand and explore new possibilities and develop state-of-the-art digital services that empower patients and health care professionals.

Three companies – Dianovator, EASY Platform, and Joint Academy – in various stages of maturity, developing E-health solutions based on knowledge generated at Lund University will share their experience; this is how they succeeded!

What: "e-Health – what is needed for research to reach clinical benefit?"
When: 30 November 2018 09:30 to 13:00
Where: Agardh Lecture Hall, CRC, Jan Waldenströms gata 35, SUS, Malmö
Questions and registration: Contact Thomas Gunnarsson, Please register no later than November 23rd.

Contact: Thomas Gunnarsson,

Suggest honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine for 2019

Professors at the Faculty of Medicine are now invited to propose honorary doctors for 2019. Proposals for medical honorary doctorates must be submitted by the Faculty Offices by Monday 3 December 2018.

For a more even gender distribution, we would like to suggest that both women and men be suggested. The proposers will be able to present their proposals at the faculty board meeting Wednesday, December 12, when honorary doctorates for next year will be appointed. 

Your proposal with name, CV and motivation must be sent by e-mail to Ann Ivarsson, by Monday 3 December 2018 as a PDF-file. 

Please note that the proposal for honorary doctorate is confidential until the Faculty Board has made a decision and the person concerned is informed. 

Save the date! Book December 17th for the registrar's joint open house

jul gloegg och oeppet hus

You are warmly welcome on December 17th when the registrar's of the departments of Clinical Sciences, Malmö and Translational Medicine have a joint open house.
We'd like to show you what lovely people we are, working here at the registrar's, and also to have the opportunity to exchange a few words with you about the year that's passed and the new one round the corner. You will also meet our two heads of departments, Patrik Midlöv and Lars Dahlin. And in anticipation of Santa Claus we will bag up 2018 together!
Before the Christmas holidays, we would like to invite you who work or study at the two departments of clinical sciences, Malmö and translational medicine. Come visit CRC for a while to meet us and see where we work. Together, we will start prepping for Christmas with a cozy Christmas atmosphere, and we have glögg and snacks to offer.
We look forward to meeting you. So book December 17th now already in your calendar! We will be back with more information about the registrar's open house.
The registrar's of Clinical Sciences, Malmö and Translational Medicine can be found in building 92, floor 11, at CRC.

Apply for grants from John and Augusta Persson Foundation

From the John and Augusta Persson Foundation there are grants available for travel research for translational / clinical cancer research at Lund University, preferably to younger researchers.

The application including complete abstract is sent by regular mail (the building gate is always locked) in 3 copies and will be available by February 1, 2019.

The application, including attachments, must be stapled and sorted. Please note, no paper clips.

Fellowships for postdoctoral scholars in medical science

The Swedish Society for Medical Research (Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning, SSMF), annually announces fellowships for postdoctoral studies in medical science with the objective of qualifying as an associate professor. In addition, half-time fellowships are announced for individuals whose regular position entails full-time clinical duties. 

Particularly qualified young researchers are given an opportunity to engage in full-time medical research for two years. Fellowships for clinicians support two years of half-time research. 

How much?

These fellowships are tax-free and provide a monthly sum of 25 000 SEK (full-time) or 17 000 SEK (half-time). At the end of the fellowship period a seed grant of a maximum of 250 000 SEK is also provided. 

When is the application period?

The application period runs 15 October to 15 November. Please take note of that on the 15 November at 24:00 the system will close and you will no longer be able to register or make any changes. Applications are submitted electronically in SSMF’s application portal online. 

Interdisciplinary research seminar in Lund on global health and sustainability

tvaervetenskapligt seminarium om haallbarhet

The Sustainability Forum at Lund University will host a research seminar on global health and sustainability on Wednesday, November 21, with the Department of Social Medicine and Global Health at IKVM as co-organizer.

The seminar aims at discussing the link between global health and the three dimensions of sustainability through informal talks and discussions across faculty boundaries that can encourage new collaborations.

Professor Per-Olof Östergren will introduce the seminar.

What: Talk: Sustainability #3 Health as an outcome of the three pillars of sustainable development
When: Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 8.45–10.30.
Where: Belfragesalen, Biomedicinskt centrum (BMC), Klinikgatan 32, D 15, Lund

Participation at the seminar is free of charge.

Do you have any questions about the seminar? Contact Nina Nordh,

Nominate candidates for Administrative Prize 2019

Lund University's administrative prize will be awarded annually to an employee at Lund University for excellent administrative efforts of an innovative nature that contributed to university development or for service and efficiency beyond the usual.

The vice-chancellor appoints one or two prize winners who are awarded a prize amount of SEK 15,000 for their own skills development.

Do you want to nominate someone?

Your nomination will be sent in full to no later than 19 November 2018.

Funding for gender equality initiatives

equality pixabay

Lund University wants to stimulate gender equality at the university, including the invitation to apply for targeted funds. Co-financing of a visiting professor of underrepresented sex and the invitation to seek funding for long-term stimulation of gender balance among professors is recurring.

The University's Management Group on Equal Opportunities invites the faculties/equivalents at Lund University each year to apply for funding for clearly active measures aiming to promote even gender distribution among professors in their respective faculties/subjects.

Please send your application no later than 31 January 2019.

From November 2019 until February 7, 2019, the call is open.

Handling of personal data under the new Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR)

Do you manage personal data in your work? Read more (in Swedish) on the employee web pages on personal data and data protection. On the employee web, you will find information about how to handle personal information, and you will receive tips and support during your workday. 

Vinjettbild med ett grafiskt svart lås och texten GDPR.

Inform about LU's handling of personal data

As an employee of an authority you are responsible for informing about Lund University's handling of personal data. You can easily do this by adding an information text to your e-mail signature in Swedish and / or English as you find the employee web.

Lund University is looking for Future Innovations 

Together with Sparbanken Skåne, LU Innovation shares SEK 200,000 for future innovations. Employees and students in all disciplines at Lund University are welcome to apply by 9 December 2018. 

Are you a student or employee? Do you have a really good idea? An idea that could carry far and maybe become a new product, a new service or a new way of working in the future? Or an idea that can do something that already exists so much better? Search for future innovations. 

Wage review and negotiations at the Faculty of Medicine

The salary review is being negotiated first for the entire university between the university negotiator and representatives of the employee organizations. 

At the Faculty of Medicine, OFR begins negotiations in the first week of November. Probably wage payments are likely to occur in December. Negotiations with the SACO are in conflict with the issue of payday talks and when they will take place during the year. Negotiations are currently unavailable and it is therefore unclear when payroll payments can take place.

Use the university's relocation services

The recruitment process and the introduction process for staff recruited from a country other than Sweden is complex, both for the individual employee and the future employer. 

relocation pixabay

Relocation services are a collective name for many different services that are linked to recruitment and relocation of people from one country to another. When recruiting staff from a country other than Sweden, you can always get assistance from Lund University's procured relocation company. 

Staff Support Group

Sometimes colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine feel ill and feel isolated. This may be due to offensive or unfair treatment in connection with conflicts or suspicion of research conduct. It may also involve negative publicity in the media. 

Processing of these cases is formally conducted according to normal routines within faculty management, in the field of work environment or according to guidelines for investigating suspected research. 

Contact and convening for the staff support group: Bengt Sivberg, Professor Emeritus 

Luzon – solution that makes it easier for you with physical workplace at SUS

luzon soemloes tjaenst

Now it's finally easier to be double affiliated! Library & ICT offers Luzon, a seamless access to Region Skåne's most important services and the majority of services at Lund University.

For many years, those who had their physical workplace within SUS, while at Lund University, had difficulties in reaching Region Skåne's joint workspaces. Through collaboration between Region Skåne, the Faculty of Medicine and their respective network providers, there is now a solution for LU employees who need to be able to work in both environments at the same time.

The solution is called Luzon and is a certificate that is installed on the employee's LU computer.

Available services

The zone currently provides access to the following services from Region Skåne:

  • Region Skåne e-mail
  • HR-fönster (HR-system)
  • E-catalogue
  • Intranet
  • Raindance
  • Skånekatalogen

How do I access Luzon?

If you want to get Luzon installed on your computer, you are welcome to book a personal meeting with an IT technician from Library & ICT.

Appoint a representative for your group and make an interest report via

Please note your registration with Luzon and the Faculty of Medicine.

From the registrar’s: New Rules in Primula (SCC) for reimbursement of expenses

All original receipt for drug purchases, healthcare visits and healthcare expulsions should be submitted to the personnel coordinator at the department responsible for your research team, otherwise payment of such expenses may not be made. 

HR support for Primula (SSC)

Primula web and the transition to the State Service Center (SSC) were conducted in mid October. Now there is a website with information about the new Primula web for HR.

The page is aimed at those who work with HR and management support at Lund University, and support you in the organization's internal routines and processes.

Internal courses and programs for managers and leaders

Genrebild med ett pussel med sista biten som läggs.

For you who are new head/head of department/leader and for those who are more experienced and want to further develop your skills, the organization continuously offers internal courses. 

For those who are new as a prefect, there is a package of courses to replace the previous pre-education. Logged in the LU competence portal, you will find current courses on labor law, UGL – development of group and leaders, new as leader and regulations and regulations at LU. 

If you have questions, please contact Birgitta Reisdal at e-mail

Renewed presentation of the institutions on the web

November 29th is the date for the institutions to move web pages to the faculty's website at The reason for a faculty-based web is that the presentations of the business will be simpler and clearer for those who visit us on the web. 

Fewer web pages increase the potential for a high quality site where we can offer our visitors updated content, better search capabilities, and clearer links between web pages and research presentations in the Lucris portal.

Awards and career

Porträttfoto av Maria Alvarado-Kristensson/Portrait of Maria Alvarado-Kristensson. Foto/photo: Björn Martinsson

Maria Alvarado‑Kristensson, molecular cell biology with a focus on cancer and drug development, has been appointed Senior Lecturer at the Department of Translational Medicine.

Joakim Esbjörnsson, system virology and HIV research, has been appointed Senior Lecturer at the department. 

Congratulations to our newly installed Professors at the Department of Translational Medicine: 

Grants from VR

Professor Anna Blom and Anders Håkansson have both received funding from Vetenskapsrådet (VR), the Swedish Research Council. Anders Håkansson also got a proof of concept.

Doctoral dissertations

7 December

Elena Holm in the subject of clinical medicine with a focus on hematology.

Dissertatiton title: "Von Willebrand disease – aspects on diagnosis, prophylaxis and outcome"

7 December

Martuza Sarwar in the subject of laboratory medicine with a focus on experimental pathology.

Dissertatiton title: "The Role of Phosphatidylinositol-4-Phosphate 5-Kinase Type 1 Alpha and Utility of Its Inhibitor for Targeting Metastatic Cancer" 

14 December

Simon Kindvall in the subject of clinical medicine with a focus on medical radiation physics.

Dissertation title: "Pulmonary imaging with quantification of TI-relaxation and oxygen enhanced MRI"

November 9

On November 9 Malin Zimmerman defended her dissertation on nerve damage in people with diabetes. 
Dissertation title: "The Diabetic Nerve. Studies on Outcome after Open Carpal Tunnel Release and the Development of Autonomic Neuropathy"

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Porträtt på Tove Gilvad.

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips or plans for a web site regarding your project and so on?

Please let me know. I can give advice and assist you. 

I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it further can be developed.


Tove Gilvad, Communications Officer, +46 722‑49 95 62, 

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You will receive links to the latest headlines about medicine, health care & life science. Editorials and information from the government and authorities on research, education and medicine. One to two mornings a week you will get the Department’s news service in your e-mail.

To sign up, send an e-mail to The offer is valid for those with a Lund University e-mail address. Please note that most of the linked information is in Swedish.

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