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Newsletter Translational Medicine 2/2018

25 May, 2018

Dear colleagues and staff,


I do hope that you have had possibilities to enjoy the spring with all the lovely yellow fields as well as the recent “Lundakarnevalen”. This newsletter contains a number of points, where the main one includes the implementation of the new EU directive GDPR from May 25th, which places restrictions on how we handle confidential information.

I strongly recommend you to visit the information meeting regarding GDPR as informed below. I also would like to remind you that you should use LU Box for your document storages etc and no other types of upload boxes (e.g. Dropbox). The new “Infosäk” system with secure access to your research data will soon be implemented as well.

Artificial Intelligence in focus

Portrait photo of Lars B. Dahlin: Photographer: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

The new contract for me as Head of Department includes a provision that ITM in the coming three years should work with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is an exciting task ( see below) and several of the research groups within our department are already working with projects related to AI. More information will come later with workshops etc.

Finally, the deadline for the ALF-applications is rapidly approaching - good luck if you have submitted (or will submit) your application.

I wish you all a pleasant summer!

Head of Department

Board meetings and meetings for PI’s

On 30 May 07.30 am there will be the second meeting for PI’s this term with updates and discussion regarding current issues. Invitations has been forwarded via e-mail.  Contact:

The last Board meeting this spring was held on Monday 14 May. The minutes will be published on the Department’s web site.

This year’s remaining board meetings will be held on 25 September and 4 December 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the Board and matters on the Board’s agenda, please contact Elin Gudmundson, administrative support to the board, +46 40 39 11 54,

Artificial Intelligence – focus area for Translational Medicine

Artificial intelligence - symbol

The Dean of the Faculty has recently divided out strategic topics to be monitored and covered by each department within the faculty. The strategic topic given to the Department of Translational Medicine is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To some extent the designated topics correspond to the departments’ research profiles. The research at the Department of Translational Medicine already embraces different concepts of Artificial Intelligence. The task from the Dean opens possibilities for the Department to play an important role in the development of new research projects and to expand existing efforts including AI, both at the Department and at the Faculty/University. 

AI may also be a subject for future academic positions within the Faculty/Department. Please contact Lars Dahlin, Head of Department, if you have questions or suggestions concerning the AI task. We will create a working group to brain storm around invited lectures, workshops etc.



Artificial Intelligence in Almedalen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the theme of the Faculty’s seminar in Almedalen, Visby, this year. The seminar will take place on 4 July. Professor Anders Bjartell will be one of the invited speakers. More details are available on the Almedalen official web site. The arrangement is made in cooperation with Skåne University Hospital.


From the Departmental Office

Porträttfoto av Mats Roxendal
New Office Manager 

Mats Roxendal has been appointed to the position of Office Manager for the Departmental Office. He will start on 1 September 2018.

Mats Roxendal has a long record of qualified financial and administrative tasks at Lund University, including manager positions. Since May 2016 he has been the Administrative Manager for the Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö.

Now looking for a move to a part-time position, Mats Roxendal has accepted an offer including a one year-engagement as Office Manager at the Department of Translational Medicine. He will work on 50 percent of full time position.

The Departmental Office will also within short time recruit a Financial Manager.

Mats Roxendal will replace Hugh Connell who is the current acting Office Manager. Hugh Connell will continue part of his duties after Mats Roxendal's employment until 30 September to ensure a smooth transition.



HR issues

During this spring the Department has suffered the set back of losing its HR Manager Ulrika af Sillén to illness.  Hopefully, only temporarily. The Department extends its best wishes to Ulrika for a speedy recovery. During this time we have had additional back-office support from Anne Vähäniemi, HR coordinator at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund.

Please note - issues regarding new or prolonged employments shall not be forwarded directly to Anne, but to Hugh Connell. Travel expense claims shall as usual be forwarded to Elin Gudmundson. 



The Departmental Office this summer

Shortly we will all probably be departing to enjoy our summer holidays. Therefore, we would ask that if you have any pressing administrative business with the Department's leadership or office that you raise the matters immediately.

The Departmental Office will be open during the whole of the summer, but the staffing level will be very limited. Please note that there will be no financial administrator working during the period 23 July – 5 August.


GDPR information in English

Learn more about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and its impact on you and your research. The arrangement is hosted by the faculty’s vice dean Heiko Herwald.

Date and time: 29 May 2018, 2pm-3.30 pm
Venue: BMC, Fernström Lecture Hall, Lund

Free participation - no registration. Welcome!


Use LU Box – not Dropbox!

Due to the implementation of the GDPR it will not be possible for LU employees to use Dropbox from 25 May 2018 an onwards. LU recommends the use of LU Box instead.

New web policy

The Dean of the Faculty has recently adopted a new web policy. The policy stresses among other things:

  • Web communication shall be in accordance with our target groups
  • Focus shall be on fewer but more professional and updated web sites/platforms.

The promotion of the research portal LUCRIS will continue. Later this year the departmental web sites will disappear in favour of a common faculty web including the departments.

Apart from offering relevant information that is up to date, fewer web sites hopefully will make it possible to focus more on content, development and follow-up.


Transition of salary services

The transition of salary services to Statens servicecenter (SSC) is proceeding according to plan. The University salary staff were transferred to SSC on 1 April 2018. Preparations are now being made to launch the new web system which must be up and running when SSC takes over the full responsibility for the salary services in October 2018.

Due to the transition to SSC and the upcoming summer holidays all employment matters –  both new recruitments and employment prolongments – must be forwarded to the Departmental Office including all necessary documents before you go on vacation.

THIS IS IMPERATIVE! Due to system closures, we will be unable to help anyone during the period 7th of August until 30th of September regardless of how urgent the matter is.  There is simply no place to turn to rectify the matter until the system opens again at the beginning of October 2018.  It is recommended that you ensure all employment extensions for the period of August and September are completed before you go on vacation. New appointments will not be able to be made during the months of August and September, as we will be unable to add their details to the system.

It is IMPORTANT that you all understand this time frame so that we do not landed in a situation where an employee is without salary. The Departmental Office does not accept any responsibility for failure to follow this time plan.  If you have any concerns, please contact the Office Manager now for assistance.


Salary-setting appraisals - course at CRC in June


For employees who are members of Saco-S, salary-setting appraisals will be applied as part of the 2018 salary review.

Research group leaders and/or others in managerial positions must first attend a course in the method of salary setting appraising before being allowed to apply the method to their employees. There will be a special opportunity to attend to a condensed version of the course at CRC on 12 June, Do not miss this opportunity!

Date and time: 12 June, 2018, 10.00 – 12.00
Venue: The Agardh lecture hall, CRC, Malmö

Registration/notice of interest – e-mail

New Life Science Infrastructure Fair this autumn

Want to fous your research and reach further? Last autumn a LU Life Ccience Infrastructure Fair was held at CRC in Malmö.

There will be a new opportunity during the autumn of this year. Date has yet to be determined – more information will follow.

Open calls

ALF funding 2018

The call for ALF funding will close on 28 May 2018. This year’s call includes:

  • ALF projects 2019-2022
  • ALF research time for junior clinical researchers 2019-2021
  • ALF research time for ST-läkare 2019-2021

More information about this year’s ALF funding and the application process (in Swedish)

Open ERC-call

ERC 2018 Advanced Grant – opened on 17 May 2018 Deadline: 30 August 2018

ERC calls - more information on the ERC web site

Awards and career

Christian Bernhardsson, Medical Radiation Physics, has been appointed Associate Professor (unsalaried).

Anna Nilsson, Infectious Diseases, has been appointed Associate Professor (unsalaried).

Porträttbild av Elin Trägårdh. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Associate Professors Elin Trägårdh (photo) and Anders Björkman have been rewarded with positions within The Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) at Lund University. The positions include half-time research during four years within the framework of their clinical positions and with full financial compensation, funded by Region Skåne. They will also be granted 1,5 million SEK/year to cover expenses.

Professor Anna Blom has been awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Rzeszów, Poland.

Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman has been promoted to the chair of Professor in Pathology (with focus on Cancer).

Fredrik Liedberg has been promoted to the chair of Professor in Urology.

Doctoral dissertations

1 juni, Sepideh Lamei (Laboratory Medicine, focus Medical Microbiology) “The effect of honeybee-specific Lactic Acid Bacteria on American foulbrood disease of honeybees.” Supervisor: Professor Kristian Riesbeck

5 juni, Hannie Förnvik (Clinical Medicine, focus Medical Radiation Physics) ”Optimization of breast tomosynthesis. Computer simulations of image acquisition and glandular dose.”  Supervisor: Associate ProfessorAnders Tingberg

8 juni, Lars Herrnsdorf (Clinical Medicine, focus Medical Radiation Physics ) “Development and characterization of sensitive, energy independent silicon dosemeters with high spatial and temporal resolution. – Applications in clinical radiology, CT/CBCT and radiation protection.” Supervisor: Associate Professor Mikael Gunnarsson

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips, plans for a web site regarding your project etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer, +46 72 723 44 99,

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