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Newsletter Translational Medicine 2/2017

21 June, 2017

Dear colleagues,


The spring term is over and the summer holidays are about to begin.

In this newsletter you will find information about the access to the Departmental Office and the Management during the summer. Please note that the office will be closed for three weeks.

Porträttfoto av Tommy Andersson. Foto: Björn Martinsson

I recommend you to take a look at this and, if needed, contact the staff in order to solve financial and HR issues before your holiday begin.

I want to thank everyone for your efforts during the spring and I wish all of you a nice summer!

Best regards

Tommy Andersson
Head of department

The Departmental Office this summer – contact info

Bunch of flowers. Photo: Mostphotos

It is soon time for summer holidays. This means you have to solve urgent administrative issues which need involvement from the Departmental Office as soon as possible.

Please note that the Departmental Office is closed 17 July – 6 August 2017. No financial issues will be handled during this period. HR issues must be addressed even earlier, at latest 7 July, before the closure which will last until 6 August.

Summer Contacts at the Departmental Office

Economy/Financial matters
Week 26-28: All in duty
Week 29-31: closed 
Week 32: Thomas Gard
Week 33: All in duty

Human resources
Week 26-27: Ulrika af Sillén
Week 28: Sara Tvermoes (Dept. Clinical Sciences, Malmö) Please note: Only in urgent cases!
Week 29-31: Claes Moreau (Dept. Clinical Sciences, Malmö) Please note: Only in urgent cases!
Week 32-: Ulrika af Sillén

Public documents
In case if questions about public documents, please contact the administrators at the Departmental Office. During the closure, contact the registrar at Lund University’s central office, Huvudregistraturen.

Matters to be handled by the Head of the Department
Week 26-28: Diana Vaduva
Week 29-31: closed
Week 32-: Ulrika af Sillén

Week 26: Björn Martinsson
Week 27-30: In urgent cases, please contact the Communications Section at the Faculty Office in Lund 
Week 31: The Communications Section at the Faculty Office (Mon-Wed), Björn Martinsson (Thu-Fri)
Week 32-: Björn Martinsson 

The Departmental Office is looking forward to helping you with financial and HR matters as soon as possible.


Ongoing - LUCAT-tidy up

During the summer 2017 the Department of Translational Medicine updates contact details in the University’s staff register LUCAT. Due to insufficient maintenance the LUCAT data is not up-to-date anymore. This makes it complicated for everyone looking for contact details at Lund University’s various web sites.

Since LUCAT is connected to several information systems at Lund University, old details and errors will be exported to these. This includes the research information web portal LUCRIS.

The work is carried out by Christel Ekstrand, earlier an Administrator at the Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund, in dialogue with the Department’s research group leaders.


Merger of Faculty and Departmental websites

As earlier announced, the Faculty of Medicine including all Departments, will switch to a new web tool (Drupal). At the same time the content of the Faculty’s all external webpages will be revised and updated.

After discussions it has been decided that all six Departments together with the Faculty Office will strive towards a mutual external website, which will include entries to the Departments.

Also research groups with websites will be affected, and they will be contacted by the Department’s Communications Officer.

Contact: and

Infrastructure exhibition at Clinical Research Centre

Early note - 3 October 2017 there will be opportunity to learn more about research infrastructure available at the Faculty.

Personell and displays from various part of the Faculty will meet you at CRC, presenting advanced and latest up-to-date infrastructure and prioviding network opportunities in order to facilitate common use of research infrastructure.

More information will follow in early autumn.


Call for proposals "Theme for young PhDs" 2018

The Pufendorf IAS invites researchers to apply for a Theme for young PhDs to start in the spring of 2018. This is a new form of theme aimed specifically at researchers in their early careers, who wish for transdisciplinary collaborative work.

Researchers at Lund University no more than three and half years but at least six months after a successful PhD are welcome to apply for the “Theme for young PhDs” together. The main applicant must be employed at Lund University.

Applications must be received by the Institute no later than 1st of July 2017 after which the approved theme must commence in the Spring of 2018, in conjunction with the beginning of term.

Travel grants from John och Augusta Perssons stiftelse

It is now possible to apply for travel grants from John och Augusta Perssons stiftelse. The call is open for researchers within the fields of translational and clinical cancer research. Especially young researchers will be considered for this grant.

Apply no later than 29 September 2017.

Workshop arranged by the Careers Centre

The Faculty’s Careers Centre offers activities and information regarding career issues to PhD students, post docs and other young researchers. On 29 August there will be a fullday workshop titled “A toolbox for academic productivity and stress management”.

Awards and career

Portrait photo of Karin Leandersson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Karin Leandersson is promoted as Professor in Experimental pathology (with focus on Human tumor immunology).

Anders Bjartell, Professor in Urology at The Department of Translational Medicine, was recently elected chairman of the EAU Research Foundation. This means he onwards will play an important role in Europe’s leading organisation for urological practice, research and education. The European Association of Urology (EAU) engages more than 15,000 medical professionals within urology across Europe.

Portrait photo of Per Björkman. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Per Björkman, Professor in Infection Medicine (photograph at right), and Patrik Medstrand, Professor in Clinical Virology, have received a private eight million SEK donation designated to research about infectious diseases and public health in Ethiopia.

Per-Anders Abrahamsson, MD and Professor in Urology (recently retired from the Department) has recently been awarded the Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award.

Congratulations to those who recently received grants from donations and foundations administrated by Skåne University Hospital.

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips, plans for a web site regarding your project etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, communications officer, +46 72 723 44 99,


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