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Newsletter Translational Medicine 2/2015

21 December, 2015

Dear colleagues,

We have soon finished the first year as the Department of Translational Medicine. I look back upon an exciting and challenging year with a lot of work, but also joy.

I want to thank everyone at the Department for their efforts and achievements during the past year. I also want to thank the now leaving board for the past three years. This board has recently given me the opportunity to continue my engagement as Head of the Department for another three years. I am looking forward to this – there is unquestioningly a lot of ambition and potential among us at Translational Medicine which I hope to be able to promote further.

Tommy Andersson

In this letter you will find financial information, information about the new board members and our new Departmental Office which will be up and running in January 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tommy Andersson

Head of Department

Important financial information!

Due to the implementation of the new financial system, Raindance, and the financial closure of 2015, please be aware of that the staff at the Departmental Office will be very busy in the beginning of the year.

There is some important news within the fields of finances, especially for Research Group Leaders and Financial Administrators at the Department:

  • Latest updates about how the new financial system, Raindance, will affect us.
  • Key dates for financial transactions at the turn of the year.


New board 2016-2018

This autumn’s electronical election for a new board at the Department of Translational Medicine 2016-2018 is completed. The Nominating Committee’s proposal got most votes, and this led to the following representation:

Teaching staff representatives
Tommy Andersson, Anna Blom, Karin Leandersson, Johan Malm, Martin Johansson, Kristian Riesbeck, Aleksander Giwercman, Christopher Rääf

Deputies teaching staff
Anders Håkansson, Eva Norström

Other staff representatives
Eva-Lotta B. Billing, Jonas Jarneborn, Marcus Ljungkvist

Deputies other staff
Anki Mossberg, Maria Alvarado-Kristensson

More information: or

New Departmental Office

From the beginning of January 2016 the Department will have its own Departmental Office for administrative support.

You will meet some new faces as well as colleagues you probably know since before:

Catrine Werder, Head of the Departmental Office

Portrait photo of Catrine Werder. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Catrine has the overall responsibility for financial issues and is responsible for the Department’s main cost centers. She will also provide support in financial issues to:

  • Experimental Pathology (Tommy Andersson)
  • Medical Radiation Physics (Lars E. Olsson)
  • Urological Cancers (Anders Bjartell)

Catrine is working 75 percent.


Eva-Lotta B. Billing, Administrator of Finances

Portrait photo of Eva-Lotta B. Billing. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Eva-Lotta will provide support in financial issues to:

  • Medical Protein Chemistry (Anna Blom)
  • Clinical Chemistry/Coagulation Research (Björn Dahlbäck)
  • Medical Microbiology (Gabriela Godaly)
  • Pathology (Annika Dejmek)
  • Clinical Chemistry (Hans Lilja)
  • Infection Medicine (Anders Håkansson)

Eva-Lotta is working 50 percent at the Departmental Office. On the remaining time (50 percent) she provides administrative support to a number of research groups at the Wallenberg Laboratory.


Elin Gudmundson, Departmental Administrator

Portrait photo of Elin Gudmundson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Elin is a new member of the staff at the Departmental Office. From 18 January she will work as a Departmental Administrator (50 percent), with focus on doctoral studies and relations to our Ph.D. students. Administration of the board and travel expense claims will also be part of her work. On the remaining part (50 percent) she is providing administrative support to a number of research groups at the Department. You will find Elin in building 91. Welcome Elin!


Sandra Klinth, Staff Coordinator

Porträttfoto av Sandra Klinth. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Sandra is your primary contact for all kind of issues related to your employment. All questions previously directed to Claes Moreau is to be directed to Sandra onwards. Sandra works full-time.





Susanne Larsson, Administrator of Finances 

Portrait photo of Susanne Larsson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Susanne is a new member of the staff at the Departmental Office. She will provide support in financial issues to:

  • Clinical Pathology (Martin Johansson)
  • Urology (Fredrik Liedberg)
  • Cancer Immunology (Karin Leandersson)
  • Cell Pathology (Anita Sjölander)
  • Clinical Physiology (Per Wollmer)
  • Medical Informatics (Lars Edenbrandt)
  • Reproductive Medicine (Aleksander Giwercman)
  • Hand Surgery (Lars Dahlin)

Susanne will work part-time, 50 percent, in January and then full-time. Susanne will be introduced to all research group leaders above in the beginning of 2016. Welcome Susanne!


Cecilia Malmsten, Administrator of Finances

Portrait photo of Cecilia Malmsten. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Cecilia will provide support in financial issues to:

  • Virology (Patrik Medstrand)
  • Medical Microbiology (Kristian Riesbeck)
  • Molecular Pathology (Maria Alvarado-Kristensson)
  • Experimental Cancer Research (Jenny L Persson)
  • Medical Radiology (Olle Ekberg)
  • Clinical Coagulation Research (Peter Svensson)
  • Urology (Per-Anders Abrahamsson)
  • Molecular Genetic Reproductive Medicine (Yvonne Giwercman).

Cecilia is working 80 percent.


Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer

Portrait photo of Björn Martinsson. Photo: Catrine Werder

Björn will support you in internal and external communication issues on 25 percent of his time (but he will belong to the Departmental Office at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö).

Due to the implementation of the new financial system, Raindance, and the financial closure of 2015, please be aware of that the staff will have a lot to do in the beginning of the year.

You will find the Departmental Office at CRC, building 92, floor 11 - the same place where the administrative staff has been for several years.

Contact details
A new web page on the Department’s site will be published in the beginning of 2016. Until then you find contact details at the MIM website.

More information:

LUCRIS – new web system for research information

During the winter/spring 2016 it will be possible to start using LUCRIS (Lund University Current Research and Information System).

LUCRIS is a database with a web interface making it possible to present CV’s, publications and research projects. LUCRIS will over time replace the Faculty’s research database. The University's cancer web portal is a pilot project.

More information:

crc interior
CRC 10 years!

In August 2016 it is time for the 10 year-anniversary of Clinical Research Centre (CRC).  The planning process has begun, directed by Erik Renström, professor at the Lund University Diabetes Centre. The work group welcomes participation from all who want to give a helping hand in the preparations.

Please notice Björn Martinsson, , if you want to participate, or if you have questions.

Awards and career

Portrait photo of Yvonne Giwercman
Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman

Promotions: Peter Svensson is now a Professor specialized in Coagulation Medicine. Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman is now a Senior Lecturer specialized in Experimental Pathology with focus on Cancer.

Professor Anna Blom has been elected as a member of the Swedish Research Council’s (VR) Scientific Council for Medicine and Health 2016-2018.

Professor Anders Bjartell has been awarded an 1,5 million SEK innovation grant from SWElife. The money will fund a new prostate cancer project.

Kishan Bellamkonda, former Ph.D. student at the Department, has been granted the Tegger Foundation annual scholarship.  The money, 400,000 SEK, will finance Kishan Bellamkonda’s initial postdoc-year in Cleveland, U.S.A.

Docent Martin Johansson has been awarded by the students at the Faculty’s medical programme. The prize is called Cor-labelled (after the Latin word for heart), and Martin Johansson received it for his excellent teaching skills.

Doctoral dissertations

29 January, Greta Eklund, “The role of gamma-tubulin in cell division and cancer”
26 February, Camilla Melin Fürst, “Interactions between extracellular matrix proteins and the complement system”

More information about dissertations is available at the Faculty’s intranet pages. News and features on new thesis are also published on the Department’s web site.

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer, +46 72 723 44 99,

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Länk från toppen av sidan

Nytt ekonomisystem och ny ekonomimodell vid årsskiftet

Som ni alla vet så kommer vi efter årsskiftet att använda ett nytt ekonomisystem, Raindance. Det blir också en ny kodplan och kodsträngen kommer att se annorlunda ut. I och med denna övergång så kommer Orfi, Lupp och e-kontrakt därmed att avvecklas.

Hur kommer detta att påverka dig?

  • Bättre ekonomiadministrativt stöd till forskningsprojekt.
  • Nytt sätt att kontera i Primula och i Lupin.
  • Inga fler internfakturor i internposten – de kommer i Lupin istället!
  • Lättåtkomlig och lättläst projektuppföljning i Kuben som kommer att ersätta LUPP.
  • Rekvisitioner och utbetalningar av bidrag kommer att göras via Raindance.
  • Det blir ny löpande nummerserie på aktiviteter – d.v.s. alla gamla aktiviteter blir överförda till det nya systemet och får nya nummer.
  • Det blir möjligt att lägga in ”Intrastatinformation och statistisk varukod” på fakturorna direkt i Lupin.


Datum att ha koll på

  • 22 december 2015
    Fakturor som förfaller till betalning t.o.m. den 31 december 2015 måste vara attesterade senast kl 18.00 för att bli betalda i tid.
  • 11 januari 2016
    Sista dag att granska och attestera alla fakturor i Lupin som tillhör 2015 de måste hinna bli klara (senast kl 18.00).  Fakturor som inte är klara då kommer att flyttas och skickas ut på nytt för granskning och attest så att de kan konteras och då med den nya kodsträngen.
  • 12-13 januari 2016
    Lupin kommer att vara stängt.
  •  12 januari 2016
    Raindance kommer att öppnas.
  • 14 januari 2016
    Nu öppnar Lupin och internfakturorna slås på.


När Lupin öppnar igen den 14 januari 2016 kommer kontering i Lupin att fungera så här:

  • Du väljer endast aktivitet, inte kostnadsställe och inte verksamhet. Koddelarna ”sitter ihop”, t.ex. 156408.35.123456, så att du ser vilket kostnadsställe och vilken verksamhet som aktiviteten tillhör.


  • Första gången du ska kontera en beställning eller en faktura så kommer du att märka att du antagligen har många fler aktiviteter i din väljlista än idag. Den finfördelning av hur värden är tilldelade idag är tyvärr inte möjlig att hinna med inför driftstarten av den nya modellen, utan du kommer att vara tilldelad alla aktiviteter som finns på det/de kostnadsställen som din grupp har. För att minska din väljlista rekommenderar vi starkt att du använder funktionen favoriter! Det gör du enkelt i vilken söklista som helst i konteringen. Klicka på ”Favoriter” så kommer du till en bild där du för varje konteringsdimension markerar vilka värden du vill ha överst i din väljlista. Du kan även välja ett värde som förvalt (default). Vid behov kommer din ekonom att kunna hjälpa till med detta!


Översättningslista för aktiviteter Orfi - Raindance

Översättningslista för aktiviteter Orfi - Raindance uppdateras löpande och finns på Ekonomiportalen Översättningslistor Orfi-Raindance , här finns också all övrig information om Ny Ekonomi 2016.


ID och benämning på forskargrupper i Raindance

I bifogad pdf-fil finns samtliga forskargrupper på institutionen samt deras ID och benämning i Raindance, kostnadsställe i Orfi, uppgifter om ansvarig administratör, ekonomiadministratör samt HR-medarbetare.


Mer information:

You will find more information about the Department of Translational Medicine at our web site:

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