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Newsletter Translational Medicine 1/2019

28 February, 2019

Dear colleagues and staff,

Portrait photo of Lars B. Dahlin: Photographer: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Some of you may have had a winter holiday whole, or part of, the last week since it is has been "Sportlov" in Skåne, and I hope you have had a good and refreshing week. Remember to be careful if you are skiing – I prefer not seeing you in the health care sector with ski injuries. 

Now is a time for transition between winter and spring, sometimes a bit confusing – sometimes like research – with some people skiing and other snow-related activities, while we also can enjoy the first signs of the coming spring with a different light. A few days ago I saw the first crane in Halland County and I have already heard the singing lark. Springtime is soon here!

By-election and the strategic plan

In the end of March, there will be a by-election for a new election committee at the Department. You can read more about the election on the Intramed. 

The work with a new strategic plan for the Faculty of Medicine 2019 is in progress. Right now, there is a referral regarding the proposal for strategic plan and all employees and students at the Faculty of Medicine are welcome to comment on the proposal. The Department office at the faculty need your answers by March 8 at 9 PM. Email your comments to

New rules and routines

Tove has made a great work and included a lot of different points and issues with information in the present Newsletter. There are some points that I would like to highlight. 

There is a new authority handling and approving the applications for ethical permission of human research with new routines through the Prisma system. The new authority replaces the regional committees and paper forms are scrapped in favor of a digital application form in Prisma. This means that you must send a scanned invoice (as a pdf) to

It is important for those of you that decide to apply with Region Skåne as the responsible "huvudman" of the application, to read and adjust to their new routines with approval from the head of operations (verksamhetschef). When you apply digitally (gör en digital etikprövningsansökan) with Region Skåne as the “huvudman”, see SUS process. 

There are also some new rules and recommendations that you have to follow, being more familiar with the new SSC system, that is notification of illness, and a decision made by the vice-chancellor concerning travelling related to climate issues. 

Please, see the other points in the Newsletter and read carefully! 

Wish you a happy first part of springtime, irrespective if you are close to the snow or the events related to the spring the coming weeks. 

Lars, Head of the Department

By-election for a new election committee at Translation Medicine

Illustration som visar en genomskinlig valbox och en valsedel.

The Nomination Committee at the Department of Translational Medicine (TM) has five ordinary members, three teachers and two technical / administrative staff.

The nomination committee is at present incomplete, and due to the circumstances a by-election is needed for ITM's Nomination Committee for the term of office 1 May 2019–30 June 2021.

At the end of March there will be a by-election for a new election committee at the Department of Translational Medicine.


Upcoming meetings for the board and PI’s

This year's first departmental board meeting with the new board of the Department of Translational Medicine takes place on March 12, 2019. 

The next PI’s meeting with breakfast is May 16 at 7.30–9. The date of the autumn's meetings for PI’s is not yet established – information about meeting times will come later. 

Information from the Departmental Office

Notification of illness in SSC Primula

megafon pixabay

Notify your line manager or the contact person appointed by your manager immediately when you are ill. Also report your absence in SSC Primula. When you are well again, you should enter your declaration of illness for the period you were away in SSC Primula.

If you are ill for more than 7 calendar days, you must submit a copy of your doctor’s certificate to your line manager. Statens servicecenter (the National Government Service Centre) reports your illness to Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) if you are ill for more than 14 days.

Insurance on business trips

When you go on a business trip representing the University, you are covered by Kammarkollegiet’s business travel insurance. Extra cover is available through the Diners Club TAC travel insurance policy. If you are abroad for an extended period, different rules apply.

If you are going on a business trip during the year and you don’t have a Swedish State Business Travel Insurance Certificate, please contact the HR staff of ITM. This is important because it concerns your safety during the trip. You are covered by the insurance policy when you travel on behalf of Lund University. On the back of the certificate, there is information about whom to contact if something goes wrong during the trip. Below are links to info on the website and the terms for the business travel insurance.

New rules for Employer’s Declaration and Income Statements

From January 1, 2019, the Swedish Tax Agency's new rules apply to Employer's Declaration and Income Statements. The change means that the employer must report paid compensations, benefits and tax deductions per individual each month.

As the accounting takes place on a monthly basis, the annual Income Statement to the Tax Agency will no longer be necessary. When the deducted tax for an employee has been reported to the Tax Agency, it cannot be paid back to the employer.

This means that in the event of wage liabilities arising, the gross amount will be invoiced to the employee. Therefore it is important to register absence in good time, so that it as far as possible ends up in the right time period.

The employee will be able to view the information that the employer has reported to the Tax Agency from January 2019 in the Tax Agency's new e-service on "My pages".

Do you need help?

New decision by the Vice-Chancellor on regulations for business trips 2019


The university is a government agency which in all activities has a responsibility to reduce its climate impact and act exemplarily. It is equally important to care for the employee during business trips and to ensure a good and safe working environment. The university must also economize on the state's resources.

As of January 31, 2019, the regulations adopted by the Vice-Chancellor apply. They cover all employees at Lund University when traveling within the framework of the employment. The regulations also cover trips paid by the university but carried out by a student or other person who is not employed at Lund University.

The regulations for business trips take into account

The previous main focus on cost efficiency has now been replaced by three focus areas:

  • work environment and safety
  • environmental considerations
  • cost efficiency

Go by train or by plane?

Domestic travel should normally be done by train, but you can consider flying if the time gain, in relation to a train journey, becomes at least two hours each on the departure and return journeys. You should compare the total travel time including connecting transports and waiting times for the different modes of travel.

The manager’s responsibility

If you are research team manager and approve the employees' business trips you also have the responsibility to ensure that the regulations at Lund University are complied with. 

If you are the manager you have the responsibility to:

  • ensure that all employees are familiar with the content of this regulation
  • act as a good example
  • ensure compliance with these regulations.

Regulations for business travel at Lund University 2019 is available on the Staff Pages > Rules and Regulations > Staff.

General guidelines / recommendations for business travel at Lund University

The Staff Pages – decisions, rules and regulations for employees.

Strategic plan for the Faculty of Medicine 2019 

The work with a new strategic plan for the Faculty of Medicine 2019 is in progress. Right now, there is a referral regarding the proposal for strategic plan and all employees and students at the Faculty of Medicine are welcome to comment on the proposal. 

The Department office at the faculty need your answers by March 8 at 9 PM. Please email your comments to

Faculty of Medicine launches mentoring programme for PhD students

Foto: Mikael Risedal

In order to support PhD students in their career planning, and stimulate their awareness of available options on the labour market for their life after thesis defence, Faculty of Medicine launches a mentor programme for PhD students in their third year of studies.

The mentoring programme includes two different tracks; one for life science industry, and one for innovation and entrepreneurship. Clinical PhD students already have access to an independent mentoring programme.

PhD students who have passed their half-time review, or expect to do so before the start of the academic year in September 2019/20, are welcome to apply to this programme.

The deadline for applications is April 18th.

Mental ill health theme for Research Day 2019

psykisk ohaelsa
psykisk ohälsa

Research day 2019 will take place on the evening of Tuesday, November 5 in Malmö and on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 6, in Lund. The faculty board has decided that this year's theme will be mental ill health. More information about Research day will come later. 

Ethical review – a new authority and new routines

etikprovningsmyndigheten logga

From January 1, 2019, you need to contact the Swedish Ethical Review Authority when you are going to conduct an ethical review. The new authority replaces the regional committees and paper forms are scrapped in favor of a digital application form in Prisma.

This means that the invoice (as a pdf) must be scanned and sent to

Mandatory e-invoice to the public sector

at sign pixabay

From April 1, 2019, there will be a law that all purchases in the public sector must be invoiced with electronic invoicing (e-invoice) according to a new European standard. This means that all suppliers to the public sector must send e-invoices according to the new standard, and that all public organizations must be able to receive them. This means that all suppliers must send e-invoices to their customers in the state, municipality and county councils, including most municipal and county-owned companies and also some state-owned companies.

Spring training in CPR and first aid


The spring training opportunities in CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and first aid are now open for registration in Kompetensportalen. According to the decision by the Vice-Chancellor, every fifteenth employee, but at least two persons per department/equivalent, shall be trained in first aid, including CPR.

The manager’s responsibility

It is important that you, as the manager, ensure that employees who attend the training are appropriately distributed over the workplace. Remember to get feedback on who participated in the training for your documentation. 

Basic training

Basic training consists of a theoretical part: First aid and a practical part: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). A home assignment to do before the training is included, it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Basic training opportunities: 

Monday, February 18   13–16.30

Thursday, February 21   13–16.30

Monday, February 25   13–16.30

Thursday, February 28   13–16.30

Monday, March 4   8.30–12

Thursday, March 7   8.30–12

Refresher training CPR

We recommend anyone who has taken a CPR course the past three years to do an annual refresher training.

Refresher training opportunities:

Monday, March 11   10.30–12

Thursday, March 14   10.30–12

Monday, March 18  08.30–10

Thursday, March 21     10.30–12

Monday, March 25   10.30–12

Thursday, March 28   10.30–12

No drop-in! All registrations must be made at Kompetensportalen. Please note that these courses are currently only given in Swedish.

Instructors: Iréne Sassarsson and Ingrid Ekelund, nurses at the occupational health services.

Location: Företagshälsovården (occupational health services), Gerdagatan 9.

If the training participant fails to show up or cancels later than 24 hours before the start of the training, we will charge the employer 600 SEK.

More information: Iréne Sassarsson, 23283 or Ingrid Ekelund, 23282

Apply to the Teaching Academy no later than May 31

pedagogisk akademi

If you are a teacher with a high degree of pedagogical skill, a broad experience in education and a great interest in pedagogical development, you can apply for membership in the Teaching Academy.

What does that mean?

If you are admitted to the Teaching Academy, you will receive the title ETP - Excellent Teaching Practitioner - and a salary increase equal to the one obtained for a docentship. The ETP title is a stamp of quality on your skill as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine. As ETP, you also contribute to the pedagogical development within the faculty to fulfill its strategies and goals.

When can I apply?

Applications to the Teaching Academy are received on an ongoing basis. Examination of the received applications is done once a year during summer-early autumn. To participate in this year's review, apply no later than May 31.

House tour of CRC on March 8 for new employees

Photo: Kennet Ruona

If you work at the faculty and have been employed after September 1, 2018, you have the opportunity to go on a guided tour of CRC with Hugh Conell, office director of CRC. 

When: March 8, 2019, 13.30–15.30.

Registration: Sign up with an email to Hugh Conell, 

The tour starts on the balcony outside the entrance door of the departmental offices on the 11th floor, house 92.

Reminder: Welcome day for new employees – March 19th

Have you just started your work here at Lund University? Then we would like to see you at our Welcome Day for new employees on March 19th, 2019. We will present our university – vision, organization and activities. The last day to register is March 5th.

framtidens forskare ssf

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research: Apply for Future Research Leaders 7

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) is now announcing the call for proposal for the seventh generation of Future Research Leaders (FFL). The program is aimed at young researchers who conduct research at the highest international level at Swedish universities. Twenty beneficiaries receive 12 million Swedish kronor each for independent research, and they are expected to lead even larger constellations in the future. Therefore, a comprehensive leadership program is included. 

The program is open to young researchers of any nationality. The research project must be carried out at a Swedish university.

The deadline for applications is 14.00 on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

Decisions on allocation will be made in February 2020, with the earliest project start in March 2020.

Apply for travel grants: The Foundation of John and Augusta Persson

Travel grants for translational/clinical cancer research at Lund University, preferably for younger researchers.

Send the application, including a complete abstract, by post (the gate is locked) in 3 copies. It must reach the foundation at the latest April 30, 2019. Keep in mind that it may take up to a week for letters to arrive. Your application, including attachments, must be stapled and sorted. Note: no paper clips.

The application should be made on a special form that is available on the Staff Pages and the page for external calls for scholarships and grants.

Open Call – The Sjöberg Foundation (cancer)

The Sjöberg Foundation supports research on cancer by funding research project grants. In 2019, the foundation will support projects focusing on: 

  1. Health research and complementary and integrative medicine for cancer patients.
  2. Research on pancreatic cancer, liver and bile duct cancer, ovarian cancer and malignant brain tumors.

In accordance with the donor's wishes, the foundation welcomes project proposals relating to unconventional treatment methods in cancer care.

The summary should be sent to by March 1st. Note the short deadline!

Do you have questions?

Contact Birgitta Larsson, analyst at the faculty of medicine,, 046‑222 08 31.

Apply for research funding from SUS foundations and donations in 2019

Money can only be allocated to clinical research. The principal applicant must be a PhD and, at the end of the application period, have employment/permanent remuneration in the Skåne University Hospital Malmö/Lund, Laboratory Medicine in Malmö/Lund or Psychiatry Skåne in Malmö/Lund.

The deadline for applications is March 10, 2019.

More information on Intramed in Swedish: Apply for research funding from SUS foundations and donations in 2019

CALL for applications – Lund University graduate school for Agenda 2030

CALL for applications for doctoral student project funding within the framework of the Lund University graduate school for Agenda 2030. The Faculty of Medicine hereby invites principle investigators to submit project proposals.

As part of Lund University’s commitment towards Agenda 2030 and its sustainable development goals, the graduate school for Agenda 2030 has been launched . Within the framework of this graduate school, two research projects will be funded (50% costs for salary of a PhD student) at the Faculty of Medicine.

Deadline for application:
The application should be submitted in the project database no later than 6 March, 2019.

The Smooth Muscle Conference July 14–19

muscle conference

Join a community of science professionals to explore emerging research and expand your expertise at The Smooth Muscle Conference, taking place July 14-19, 2019, in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Organized by Chairs Jonathan Jaggar, PhD, University of Tennessee; and Maria Gomez, PhD, Lund University, with support from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), this conference is highly interactive and brings together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from academic and clinical backgrounds who study and conduct research on smooth muscle.

As a part of FASEB’s Science Research Conference Series, it is designed as a multi-day learning experience to foster engagement between biomedical researchers at every level of their career. Featured conference events include networking opportunities, a career development workshop, selected abstract presentations, and more. 

Learn more and register early to save $150 by visiting the Smooth Muscle Conference’s web page.

Please note that advance registration ends May 30, 2019.

Contact: Maria Gomez,

Research Symposium – Developments in epidemiology and biomarker research: A life-course perspective

The Strategic Research Area Epidemiology for Health (EpiHealth) at Lund/Malmö and Uppsala Universities in collaboration with Olink Proteomics AB, Uppsala, Sweden would like to invite you to attend a free Programme for Research Symposium – “Developments in epidemiology and biomarker research: A life-course perspective“. 

When: Thursday/Friday March 21–22, 2019 (Starts 10.00 March 21, ends 12.00 March 22. There will be a free conference dinner on the Thursday evening, but you will have to register.)

Where: Jan Waldenströms gata 2–5, Skåne University Hospital (SUS), Malmö, Sweden

Venue: “Lilla Aulan” Lecture Hall

Costs: Free registration with no fee. 

Transport communications: Train station “Triangeln” is close to SUS, Airport buses from Sturup stop at “Södervärn”. 

Contact & enquiries: Ms. Camilla Key (+46 (0)40-33 23 01), mail:

Research collaboration across Öresund on infertility

aleksander giwercman foto kennet ruona
Aleksander Giwercman. Foto: Kennet Ruona

Research across the border in the Öresund region is well placed to become world leading, says Aleksander Giwercman, who leads a multi-year study on infertility in men and women. Involuntary infertility is a growing problem in EU member states and also in other countries in the world. 

Fewer children are born in EU member states. In recent decades, alarm reports have been sounded on impaired sperm quality in men and the number of IVF fertilizations has increased - in Denmark, 10 per cent of the children are born with the aid of test tube fertilization and the corresponding number in Sweden is four per cent. The IVF method is likely to continue to increase, according to Aleksander Giwercman, senior physician at Skåne University Hospital and professor of reproductive medicine. He points to a basic problem that remains to be solved for the researchers: 

– The research on poor sperm quality has not progressed since the first discoveries were made and we have incredible knowledge gaps in this area. There is also no medical treatment today. Research on improving male fertility is an area we will focus on in the next few years, said Aleksander Giwercman at the National Conference on Clinical Studies in Malmö recently.

Future Faculty: Information session with the Academic Appointment Board

future faculty logo

Have you ever considered applying for a Senior Lecturer (universitetslektor) or an Associate Senior Lecturer (biträdande universitetslektor) position? 

Future Faculty invites to: Information session with the Academic Appointment Board

An open information session with professor Måns Magnusson, chair of the Academic Appointments Board (Lärarförslagsnämnden), and Kajsa Johnsson, head of recruitment at the Faculty of Medicine. During the seminar you will get information about the recruitment process for teacher positions and the Faculty strategy on future positions. There will also be time for questions. 

Kontakt: Helena Persson,

The session is open to all, but seats will be reserved for registered participants.

Career paths and independence: Lunch Seminar with Young Group Leaders

Join the Future Faculty for a lunch seminar with three talented young group leaders from the Faculty of Medicine on career paths and independence.

When: February 26th 2019, 11-1 pm
Where: Belfrage hall, BMC D15 or video streaming to CRC Malmö room 28-11-26

The speakers will talk about their personal experiences, the challenges and opportunities a young investigator can be faced with and offer their best advice for young researchers.

The speakers are:

  • Filipe Pereira, PhD, Division of Molecular Medicine and Gene Therapy
  • Emma Niméus, MD PhD, Surgery and Division of Oncology and Pathology
  • Sonja Aits, PhD, Cell Death and Lysosomes Group, Dept. of Experimental Medical Science

The seminar ends with a mingle session with a lunch buffet that is included for all registered participants. Sandwiches will be provided in Malmö.

Doctoral dissertations

Half-time reviews

Friday 1 March, Feiruz Alamiri , "Antibiotic resistance and pathogenesis of Streptococci with focus on Group A Streptococci". Supervisor: Anders P Håkansson, Professor in experimental infection medicine

Friday 5 April, Ilka Anker "Entrapment of the ulnar nerve at the elbow – studies on risk factors, diagnostic methods, treatment, clinical outcome and predictive factors." Supervisor: Lars Dahlin, Professor, Lund University

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips or plans for a web site regarding your project and so on?

opposites pixabay

Please let me know. I can give advice and assist you. 

I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it further can be developed.


Tove Gilvad, Communications Officer, +46 722‑49 95 62, 

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