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Newsletter Translational Medicine 1/2018

5 February, 2018

Dear colleagues!


As many of you already know, I have been appointed to the position of Head of the Department since the beginning of this year. The previous five years I have been Pro-Dean at the Faculty. My main areas of focus have been issues concerning research and infrastructure, and I do hope that my experience will be useful in my new role at the Department of Translational Medicine.

My every day-life does also include work as an MD at Skåne University Hospital. I am specialized in hand surgery with focus on the peripheral nervous system, including trauma, disorders and neuropathy. I have my workspace in the hand surgery building in the North Western corner of the hospital area in Malmö (Jan Waldenströms gata 5).

We have some upcoming issues and challenges to deal with at the Department during 2018. I am looking forward to this, as well as to continue the dedicated and strategic leadership of my predecessor Tommy Andersson.

Staff appraisals and meetings

Within short I will come back to all research group leaders in order to set a time for a staff appraisal. The appraisals will be important and also an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about my colleagues, the ongoing research and the Department.

As a Pro-Dean I have not been able to attend to mutual meetings and activities at the Department during the last years. Now I plan for some sort of reoccurring meetings to which all research group leaders will be invited. Date and time will be announced within short.

Management at the department

Except for myself, you will meet the same faces in the Department’s management:

  • Johan Malm (Deputy Head of the Department and also Head of graduate and advanced studies)
  • Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman (Assistant Head of Department and also Head of post graduate studies)
  • Anna Blom (Assistant Head of Department and also Head of strategic issues)

I feel confident about working with our deputy/assistant heads, who have already demonstrated great skills.

Member of the management Group is also Hugh Connell, acting Administrative Manager. Hugh Connell has a temporary position until the 30 June 2018 (20 percent of his full-time position). We are looking for a permanent manager at the Departmental Office and the position will soon be advertised and open for applicants. You can read more about all this below.

LUCRIS web portal

I also urge you to update your personal profile in the University’s web portal LUCRIS, where it is more convenient to search and find researchers, projects and topics of interest than on traditional web sites.

Portrait photo of Lars B. Dahlin: Photographer: Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

I do hope that you already have noticed the advantage of the new system, which also soon will contain an infrastructure portal. Link to LUCRIS

I am looking forward to my upcoming work as a Head of the Department! Please e-mail or phone me if you have questions or proposals on how to improve our organisation and work.

Greetings from Lars!

Lars B Dahlin
Head of the Department

Board meetings during 2018

This year’s meeting calendar for the Department’s board is now set.

  • 12 March
  • 14 May
  • 25 September
  • 4 December

If you have any questions about the board and issues on the board’s agenda, please contact Elin Gudmundson, administrative support to the board, +46 40 39 11 54,

Documents to be signed – new routines


Do you have documents to be signed by the Head of the Department? The routines has have now been adjusted.

Please note that you need to post your documents at least four days ahead of the signing. The Departmental Office encourage you to follow the instructions. If possible post your documents well in advance of deadline. Thank you for your cooperation.

The instructions are in Swedish - contact your research group leader or Diana Vaduva at the Departmental Office if you need help or explanations in English.


Economy – annual account 2017 and overhead rate

The 2017 annual account for the Department of Translational Medicine has been completed. Net loss for the year was 8,5 million SEK. This depends mainly on:

  • The Department has been successful in spending its agency capital, which has now been reduced to 14,8 percent (the University’s comprehensive objective is 15 percent)
  • The indirect costs (overhead costs) at the Department was 2 million SEK below the previous year. This is due to declining costs for staff and operation. The fall in indirect costs were covered by the Department’s agency capital, which is now used up.

In the 2018 budget, the Department’s overhead rate has been set to 23 percent, one percentage more than last year. The new overhead rate was decided by the board on 20 December 2017.

During 2018 it will be necessary to continue spending unused grants and there will also be continuous efforts to keep the agency capital at a confident level.


General data protection regulation (GDPR) - reminder

The Swedish personal data law (PUL) will on 25 May 2018 be replaced by a new European regulation – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The new regulation is likely to affect the whole of Lund University, including the faculties and the departments.

“Treatment of personal data at Lund University” is a project launched in order pave the way for the introduction of the new EU regulation. You can follow their blog and sign up for alerts.

Academic staff news - Jan Astermark professor

The Department warmly welcomes Jan Astermark, who has been employed as a professor in clinical coagulation medicine. Jan Astermark is a member of Professor Peter Svensson’s research group.

Associate Professor Fredrik Liedberg will within short be promoted to professor in urology. This follows on a proposal from the Committee for Academic Appointments (Lärarförslagsnämnden).

Staff news from the Departmental Office

Hugh Connell, Administrative Director for Clinical Research Centre, has been appointed to the position of acting Administrative Manager for the Departmental Office during the spring (20 percent of his full-time position). The position is temporary until the 30 June 2018 and includes administrative support to the Head of Department, the Board and the Department Office.

The process of recruitment of a new permanent manager for the office is planned for the spring. It follows the Management’s decision not to renew the former manager Owe Wybrands’s probationary employment period.

Portrait photo of Elin Gudmundson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Elin Gudmundson has returned from her parental leave and is now working 40 percent for the Departmental Office. Elin's main areas of focus are:

  • Ph.D. students doctoral studies and administrative support
  • administrative support to the Department's board
  • claims for travel expenses
  • staff register, LUCAT manager

You will find Elin at the Departmental Office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact details:
+46 40 39 11 54,

Elin also works as a research group administrator (40 percent), linked to the following groups: Cancer Immunology (Karin Leandersson), Cell Pathology (Anita Sjölander), Experimental Pathology (Tommy Andersson) and Molecular Pathology (Maria Alvarado Kristensson).

Elin has Wednesdays off.

Porträttbild av Diana Vaduva. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Diana Vaduva will continue her employment at the Departmental Office, 60 percent of full-time. Diana's areas of main focus are:

  • administrative support to the Head of Department
  • scholarships - new and ongoing
  • staff register, LUCAT administrator

You will find Diana at the Departmental Office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Contact details: +46 72 202 69 30, 

For the remaining 40 percent Diana will provide four research groups with administrative support: Clinical Infection Medicine (Per Björkman), Clinical Microbiology (Kristian Riesbeck), Clinical Pathology (Martin Johansson) and Clinical Virology (Patrik Medstrand).

For more information, contact:

Transition of salary services to SSC delayed

During the spring, the implementation of two major, technically demanding projects was planned: the transition of LU’s salary services to Statens servicecenter, SSC, and Ladok3.

As the projects have proceeded, it has become clear that there are major technical risks in implementing both projects simultaneously. The University director has therefore decided to postpone the technical switch to SSC until early October 2018.

As a consequence, matters concerning new employments, holidays, parental leaves, the payment of your salary etc. will be handled with no changes during the spring and summer. Despite this, the Departmental Office appreciate to hearing from you as early as possible in all HR matters.

Further information will follow during 2018.


How to announce half-time reviews


Please do not forget that half-time reviews shall be announced within the Department in good time. E-mail details to our communications officer Björn Martinsson, including: name of the Ph.D student, project title, date and time, venue (including address), name of supervisor and name of expert/opponent.

Do not forget to attach an abstract, limited to maximum 350 words. We recommend you to include the following headings when composing the abstract:

  • Background
  • Question at issue/methodology
  • Preliminary results
  • Significance/impact
  • List of published papers (list directly after the abstract)

There is no need to register the event with the faculty office.

Questions about announcements: Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer, +46 40 39 10 60,

Other questions about half-time reviews: Elin Gudmundson, Departmental Administrator, +46 40 39 11 54,

Salary-setting appraisal - reminder

For employees who are members of Saco-S, salary-setting appraisals will be applied as of the 2018 salary review.

Research group leaders and/or other in managing position to carry out salary-setting appraisals first must attend a course – these will start in February and then be held on various occasions during spring 2018 (also in English on 22 March) Make your notice of interest in LU’s professional development portal, Kompetensportalen:

More information: Your manager or HR Coordinator Ulrika af Sillén,

LUCRIS förstasida

Review of research group websites

Following the implementation of the research web portal LUCRIS, there will be a review and closedown of websites belonging to research groups. Websites containing old, irrelevant information or websites which mainly duplicate information already presented in LUCRIS, will be removed.

At the Department of Translational Medicine a number of old websites which have not been maintained already have been closed. Some research groups, with own websites still in use and updated, will be contacted during February/March for a discussion about the best strategy for their future web presence.

For more information please contact Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer, +46 40 39 10 60,

New procurement thresholds

Since 1 January 2018 there are, as a consequence of a decision taken by the European Commission, new procurement thresholds at Lund University.

Direct award of contract
The new limit for direct award of contract is SEK 586 907 (VAT not included)

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value is below the threshold of SEK 586 907, and no contract currently exists, you shall make a direct award of contract.

Simplified procurement
New procurement threshold: SEK 1 365 782 (VAT not included)

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value is between SEK 586 907 and SEK 1 365 782 and no agreements currently exists, you shall do a simplified procurement.

Open procurement
When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value exceeds the threshold of SEK 1 365 782, and no contract currently exists, you shall submit a procurement request to the Purchasing and Procurement office. A procurement officer will then assist you with the procurement process.

Open calls

Upcoming ERC Calls

  • ERC 2018 Consolidator Grant – deadline 15 February 2018
  • ERC 2018 Proof of Concept Grant - 18 April 2018 (third round closes 11 September 2018)

More information in the ERC website

Information meeting on ERC Grants

Information meeting on ERC Grants will be held on 23 March, 10:00-12:00 in Lund. At the meeting, Research Services will provide general information on the different types of ERC grants and information about the support available at LU for ERC applicants. The seminar is open to all LU researchers interested in ERC Grants (Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, Synergy). Meeting language is English. The seminar is a complement to the more detailed and application-focused workshops offered: ERC AdG workshop 26 April and ERC StG/CoG workshop 11 June (further information at Research Services webpage soon).

Call – infrastructure investments at Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine has allocated 7 million SEK for infrastructure investments in 2018. Special focus is on investments:

  • contributing to excellent research
  • increasing the access to existing infrastructures
  • which are relevant for several users
  • which are of faculty strategic importance

Minimum amount to apply for is 200 000 SEK. Applications shall be submitted no later den 1 March 2018.

VR calls for proposals now open

The Swedish Research Council (VR) has now opened the first calls for proposals in 2018. Most of the calls are open until 27 February. Examples of now open calls are Conference Grant, Consolidator Grant and International Postdoc. Please visit the VR webpage for further information.

Upcoming calls for proposals – EU Horizon 2020

eu flag

The strategic innovation programmes Medtech4Health and Swelife together with Lund University and the science park Medicon Village invite you to a meeting about upcoming EU calls for proposals within the field of health. It will also be possible to get advice about the application process.

Date and time: Thursday 15 February, kl 9:00-13:00.
Venue: Restaurant Inspira, Medicon Village, Lund

The meeting will be held in Swedish.

Doctoral dissertations

9 March, Mikael Ingman (Bio Medicine/Clinical Medicine) “The hepatitis B virus – Insights into genetic variability, evolution and Bayesian phylogeographic inference.” Supervisor: Patrik Medstrand

Half-time reviews

12 February, Magnus Flondell (hand surgery), "Cerebral and clinical effects of carpal tunnel syndrome" Supervisor: Anders Björkman, Lund University

22 February, Christian Gustafsson (medical radiation physics) "MRI-based radiotherapy treatment planning for prostate cancer– Assessment of geometric distortion and detection of fiducial markers”

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips, plans for a web site regarding your project etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, Communications Officer, +46 72 723 44 99,

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