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Newsletter Translational Medicine 1/2015

29 April, 2015

Dear colleagues,


The Department of Translational Medicine set off in the beginning of this year, enhanced and with a broader scope of research topics compared to previous years’ Department of Laboratory Medicine, Malmö.

Following the changes, I would like to welcome all of you in the research groups which joined the department this year. And with this letter I also want to share some updates with everyone now belonging to our department.

I think we together – old and new groups – form a strong and appealing team with a great variety of perspectives and skills. This is valid for both research and teaching.

Some of us, including myself, are since long time engaged in joint efforts with one or several of the new groups. Others will maybe in the future establish new cross-group constellations and cooperation.

I am also pleased to congratulate those of us who have recently obtained senior lecturer positions or long term funding which secure coming achievements. You can read more about

Porträttfoto av Tommy Andersson. Foto: Björn Martinsson

this below.

Please feel free to contact me or my colleagues in the management, Anna Blom and Johan Malm, anytime.

Best regards

Tommy Andersson

Head of Department


Hell´s kitchen?

In March all PI’s of Translational Medicine were invited to a kick-off at CRC. Both intellectual and practical skills were challenged, not at least when the day ended up in the kitchen for a common dinner task. Maybe some PI’s now also are qualified for adding “chef” on their business cards?

ITM kick-off at CRC. Photo: Anna Blom

(Photo by professor & chef Anna Blom)

Awards and career

Leandersson and Persson - new senior lecturers in tumour immunology

Docents Jenny L Persson and Karin Leandersson have obtained two new-established senior lecturer positions in tumour immunology at the department.

The positions include 20 percent teaching. Both are now looking forward to further develop research and teaching in a more long term perspective than before.

Karin Leandersson’s main focus is breast cancer, the immune defense system and the link between them.  Jenny L Persson conducts research about new therapies and drug targets in a variety of cancers.


Liedberg and Zackrisson - The Swedish Cancer Society awards

The Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden) recently awarded two researchers in the whole of Sweden with long term clinical research employments. Both of them at the Department of Translational Medicine.

Sophia Zackrisson, docent in radiology and senior physician, will during her employment continue her work on a large screening study of breast cancer. In this study 3D breast tomosyntesis is used for detecting cancer. Onwards work will mainly focus on follow-up and evaluation.

Porträttfoto av Fredrik Liedberg.

Fredrik Liedberg, docent and senior physician, is specialized in clinical and experimental urothelial carcinoma research. The employment will make it possible for him to continue his research, for example on prognostic information.

The clinical research employments are half-time and will run for six years (with a three year- evaluation)


Alvarado Kristensson and Timberg - Malmö Cancer Center grant awards 2015

The allocation of the Malmö Cancer Center grant for positions 2015 was recently decided. The grant was divided between Maria Alvarado Kristensson and Pontus Timberg, both belonging to our department.

Porträttfoto av Maria Alvarado Kristensson. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Docent Maria Alvarado Kristensson, aims at developing new drug solutions for some of the most common cancer diseases: breast-, prostate-, lung- and colon cancer. Her research includes a special focus on one of the body´s signal network and the protein gamma-tubulin.

Pontus Timberg is a medical physicist who are about to investigate radiologists’ perception in three dimensional X-ray imaging tasks. The 3D-imaging techniques are considered to be a challenge for the radiologists, and few studies of this matter are made.

The total sum of the grant is one million SEK.


One entry – new staff coordinator

Porträttfoto av Sandra Klinth. Foto: Björn Martinsson

Welcome to Sandra Klinth, new staff coordinator! Sandra Klinth’s previous experience includes a corresponding position at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund. Now she will serve all of us at the Department of Translational Medicine.

- I am your primary contact for all kind of issues related to your employment. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need advice.

You find Sandra Klinth at the Departmental Office for Medicine, Malmö, in CRC building 92. Contact info: +46 40 39 10 31,

Web site changes

The Department web

During this spring there will be some adjustments made to the Department’s web site. English will become main language and some parts of the research presentation will be upgraded.

Contact: Björn Martinsson, communications manager,+46 40 39 10 60,

Staff pages,

Please also note that the staff pages on the University’s main site, have been renewed. New English pages are yet to be launched, in the beginning in May according to the plan.

Event report – a reminder

Since the beginning of 2015 new directives regarding event report are put into practice. These are valid for all staff and students at CRC, Wallenberg lab and the Department’s facilities at Jan Waldenström’s street 59.

Event report includes for example theft, incidents, burglary, accident at workplace, threat and violence, damage and situations which potentially could cause some of these acts.

In brief, the directives mean that one form shall be used for all kinds of event reports, and when completed forwarded to CRC Service. The reporting so far is inferior – we need to improve.

Doctoral dissertations

8 May Linus Kvist “Impact of environmental contaminants on male reproductive function”

22 May Jonatan Axelsson “Reproductive function in young Swedish men – time trend, prenatal and adult exposure to smoking and phthalates”

28 May Helena Fritz “Axl and microRNAs in urogenital cancers”

28 May Giuseppe Lippolis “Image analysis of prostate cancer tissue biomarkers”

More information about dissertations is available at the Faculty’s intranet pages. News and features on new thesis are also published on the Department’s web site.

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips, plans for a web site regarding your project etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, communications manager, +46 72723 44 99,


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