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Newsletter Translational Medcine 2/2016

10 June, 2016

Dear colleagues,


Summer, already? This year, like every year, the summer is here so fast that we hardly can believe it. And 2016 the sun and heat arrived earlier than usual.

In this newsletter you will find information about the access to the Departmental Office and the Management during the summer. I recommend you to take a look at this and, if needed, contact the staff in order to solve financial and HR issues before the holidays begin.

This summer our department will continue to grow. I would like to welcome professor Per Björkman who joined us on 1 May. The rest of the clinical research group for infectious diseases together with its leader professor Inga Odenholt will join us on 1 July.

Tommy Andersson

Together with an already existing successful research on infectious diseases this will be a great enforcement. Hopefully it opens up for new collaborations with a strong translational approach.

I wish all of you a nice summer!

Best regards

Tommy Andersson
Head of department

Board meetings 2016

Remaining board meetings during 2016 will be held on 25 August and 31 October.

Summer holidays 2016


Tommy Andersson 11 – 31 July, 8 – 21 Aug
Anna Blom 26 – 31 July
Johan Malm not set, probably in July

Departmental Office
Catrine Werder 25 July – 21 Aug
Cecilia Malmsten 18 July – 14 Aug
Eva-Lotta Billing 18 July – 7 Aug
Susanne Larsson 14 July – 10 Aug
Sandra Klinth last day at work: 15 July (Ulrika af Sillén will begin at the end of August)
Elin Gudmundson 18 July – 14 Aug
Björn Martinsson 27 June – 31 July

You will also find updated holiday details on the web site

Please note that financial issues will not be handled 25 July – 7 Aug due to holidays, and urgent HR issues must be addressed before 15 July.

The  Departmental Office is looking forward to help you with financial and HR matters as soon as possible, well in advance of the holidays.


New research group at the Department

The Department’s research on infectious diseases will soon be reinforced. On 1 July 2016 the clinical research unit on infectious diseases in Malmö, headed by professor Inga Odenholt, will join the Department.

The unit now belongs to the Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö. (The movement is part of an earlier agreement in order to balance the volume of the Faculty´s two departments in Malmö.) We welcome our new colleagues.


Doctoral studies - administrative support and questions

Portrait photo of Elin Gudmundson. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Since the beginning of this year Elin Gudmundson provides administrative support for issues concerning doctoral studies/Ph.D. relations. You are welcome to contact Elin in order to get help or if you have questions about doctoral studies.

Elin Gudmundson, Departmental Administrator, +46 40 39 11 54,

Salary review 2016

This year´s salary review has begun. Everyone who is head of a research group at the Department got an e-mail from HR coordinator Sandra Klinth on 18 May. This mail included necessary information and instructions in order to conduct salary appraisals.

If you are head of a research group, you will find more information about salary appraisals on this link (in Swedish):

If you are an employee you will find information about salary appraisals and the Pay policy programme for Lund University on this link (in Swedish and English):

If you have questions about the salary review of 2016, please contact staff coordinator Sandra Klinth,

Please note that if you are employed by Lund University and a member of the Saco-S trade union you will in the future have salary-setting appraisals. These will start 2018, which means that this year’s review is not included.

New staff coordinator recruited

Sandra Klinth will soon leave her position as the Department’s staff coordinator. Sandra will work her last day on 15 July. If you have urgent matters, please contact Sandra as soon as possible.

New staff coordinator Ulrika af Sillén begins in the end of  August– more information will follow. And we wish Sandra good luck in her future life and career!


LUCRIS – data entry is open

The LUCRIS data entry opened on 11 April. There is also a Beta version up and running, so far only for internal use. The public launch has been delayed and is now scheduled to the second part of August 2016. It could be wise to set some time off during the summer in order to log in and publish some basic information in your profile.

LUCRIS is Lund University’s new current research information system, where you will be able to input information about yourself, your research group, projects, publications and activities – all of which will be searchable in an external web portal that presents research from the entire university - open to all.


CRC 10 year-anniversary – volunteers needed

There is need for more volunteers to the CRC 10 year-celebration – open day on Thursday 18 August and internal after work activities on Friday 9 September.
If you would like to join the anniversary team please contact Elin Gudmundson,

Contact CRC 10 year-anniversary:

Awards and career

Fredrik Liedberg, reader and senior physician, has recently obtained a senior lecturer position in urology.


Portrait photo of Per Björkman. Photo: Björn Martinsson

Per Björkman is now a professor, specialized in infectious diseases.

Lars Dahlin, professor in hand surgery, has been awarded the International Dupuytren Award 2016 for clinical research. (The International Dupuytren Award recognizes exceptional scientific publications on research or clinical treatment of Dupuytren and/or Ledderhose disease.)

Doctoral dissertations

10 June Tamim Al Jubair (laboratory medicine/ medical microbiology) “Haemophilus influenza Outer Membrane Proteins: Structure, Function and Virulence Mechanisms”

Midway reviews

14 June Natalia Mochalina, (blood coagulation) “Antiarrhythmics and anticoagulants for atrial fibrillation”

23 June, Yousif Faruok Barzangy, (urology) "The post-war recording on urological cancers, Department of Translational Medicine"

More information about dissertations is available in Swedish at the Faculty’s intranet pages. News and features on new thesis are also published on the Department’s web site.

Tips are welcome! Dissemination and communication

Do you have information you want to share with your colleagues, research results to be disseminated, news tips, plans for a web site regarding your project etc. I will give advice and assist you! I also welcome comments on this newsletter and ideas about how it can be further developed. Björn Martinsson, communications officer, +46 72 723 44 99,


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